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25 Apple Crafts

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What better way to celebrate the beginning of the season than with apple-themed crafts? Whether you are looking for a way to teach your preschooler or kindergartner about apples or an easy fall craft to keep your kids busy, I’ve got you covered. I put together a nice collection of 25 beautiful apple crafts for kids.

Apple craft ideas for kids

There is something for everyone, from super easy apple stamping art projects and paper plate ideas to simple science experiments and weaving crafts. 

Plenty of apple crafts for preschoolers that will help them practice their fine motor skills and offer opportunities to learn about apple parts. They will also get a chance to pick up apples and count them with the apple tree crafts.

If an apple craft kindergarten is what you’re looking for, plenty of ideas there too. Try them at home or in the classroom.

Apple crafts are among our favorite fall crafts. Although our collection of fall ideas contains scarecrows, leaves and trees too, we always seem to come back to apples. So, at the end of this collection, I added more of our apple crafts, that we have made since putting this list together.

Apple craftS for kids

Apple crafts preschoolers
Apple crafts kids
Apple crafts for kids
Simple apple crafts
Fall preschool ideas
Apple craft kindergarten ideas

These last few crafts have all been created by us:

Easy fall ideas for kids

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