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Mandala Turtle 3D Craft

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The mandala turtle 3D craft is a fun and creative activity for kids to combine the ancient art of mandala with the beloved sea creature, the turtle. This crat not only is a great way to keep kids entertained on a summer day but it also promotes mindfulness and relaxation as they color in their own mini mastepieces.

Mandala Turtle 3D Craft with free printable template

Use the mandala turtle craft if you are looking for an ocean animal craft idea to make with kids in the classroom, if you are a teacher, or at home during the summer break. This is a great opportunity to talk about under the sea animals.

Mandala Turtle 3D Craft for kids with free printable

Fun facts about turtles

  • Turtles can retract their heads, legs and tail into their shells for protection.
  • Some species of turtles can live up to 100 years.
  • They are known for their slow movement on land, but in water, they can swim at impressive speeds.
  • Turtles have unique shell patterns, which act like a fingerprint, making each turtle’s shell unique.
Mandala Turtle 3D Craft template for kids

If you are making the mandala turtle 3D craft in the classroom for an ocean study unit or the end of the school year, you could punch a hole in one of the back legs, attach the thread and hang the turtles to the celling of the classroom or the school hallway.

Mandala Turtle 3D Craft for preschoolers

I have created a turtle free printable template for an easy crafting experience. All you have to do is print the coloring page and give them to the kids to color, cut and glue.

All you need to make this craft is colored pencils or markers, scissors, glue and the printable template.

Ocean animal crafts for kids

Who lives in the ocean? – Kids will spin to see what other new animal lives in the ocean. This interactive summer craft involves coloring and scissors cutting – two activities that preschoolers and kindergartners love.

Paper plate ocean craft for kids

This paper plate ocean craft is a great activity for kids to work on their fine motor skills as they have to thread yarn through holes in the paper plate to create the water. Use the printable to create the four animals: fish, whale, seahorse and starfish and help them swim in the ocean.

This Under the Sea wheel features a boat on the cover and two different ocean scenes on the spinner, with a turtle, jellyfish on one half and crab and fish on the other half. Great ocean animal craft for preschoolers and older kids.

Mandala Turtle 3D Craft

easy Mandala Turtle 3D Craft for kids

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  • Free turtle template – enter your email at the end of the article to receive the template
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make the mandala turtle craft

color the turtle

Print the turtle coloring paper and use markers or colored pencils to color the turtle.


Cut out the turtle.


Apply glue where marked and glue together the two ends.

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