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New York with Kids

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New York is a beautiful, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. One of my favorites in the whole world.

It is the first city millions of immigrants set their eyes on when coming to America. It is estimated that about “40 percent of all current US citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island”. (Source: ). After a long and difficult sea journey people were subject to an immigration process on Ellis Island and although most of them passed all the tests successfully , many were found unfit to become citizens of this country and were immediately deported.

As I went through the immigration process myself not long ago, I found it interesting to learn about the beginnings and see how the system evolved in time.

New York has so much to offer to its visitors and I wish to go back with my kids some day. I’m aware that New York with kids will be a totally different story but I also know we’ll be able to find activities and places that both parents and kids love equally.

Until that day comes, we have games, coloring maps, reusable stickers and more to help us learn about this must-visit city. We can even go on a virtual field trip to the Big Apple.

Explore New York with kids: color giant maps, play fun games or take a virtual tour to the Big Apple. Fun activities for kids of all ages. | at Non Toy Gifts

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1. A giant New York coloring map is an activity that will keep kids busy for days in a row.

2. A coloring book is great to take along in the car and color everywhere you go.

3. Eco-friendly, germ-free silicon New York placemats that can be colored over and over again.


4.  A fun on-the-go reusable sticker set to use on two fold-out New York maps.

5. Young kids will enjoy a colorful and educational puzzle

6.  while older kids will love a good board game.

7. Endless New York is a set of cards that you can put together in any combination to create your own New York.


8. The closest you can get to visiting New York without leaving your home, is to take a virtual tour with the help of an online webcam. This camera, for instance, will take you directly to Times Square.

Enjoy New York with kids!

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