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Noah’s Ark Spinner Craft

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An easy Noah’s Ark spinner craft printable for kids to use at home or for Sunday School.

Noah’s Ark is a timeless tale from the Bible that captivates the hearts of both young and old.

Noah's ark spinner craft for kids

This story, rich in lessons of faith, obedience, and survival, sets a splendid backdrop for a creative journey your kids are about to embark on.

The Noah’s Ark spinner craft is an engaging activity designed not just for fun but to spark a curiosity about biblical stories in an interactive manner.

easy coloring Noah's ark spinner craft for kids

As kids work on their spinners, they will learn the story of Noah’s Ark and will be later capable of retelling it using their own words.

Sunday School Noah's ark spinner craft for kids

Who Was Noah?

Noah stands as an important figure in the Bible, known for his faith and obedience.

He was chosen by God for a monumental task.

Imagine being the only person told to build a massive ark to save your family and pairs of every animal from an impending flood.

This wasn’t just any DIY project; it was a divine mission requiring absolute trust.

Noah’s story teaches us the value of listening and acting with conviction, even when the task seems insurmountable.

His story is not just about survival; it’s a testament to the importance of faith and doing what’s right, setting an example for all of us.

Noah's ark spinner craft for preschoolers and older kids

Sunday School Craft

Because of the simplicity of coloring, cutting, and assembling, this is an engaging Sunday school activity.

The craft comes with an easy printable template, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both teachers and kids.

The process is straightforward: children color the two parts of the spinner, cut them out, and then assemble them together.

This activity allows kids to connect with the story of Noah’s Ark .

When spinning the wheel, on one side of the spinner, kids will see the ark amidst the falling rain, and on the flip side, they’ll view the same ark under the promise of a rainbow.

This duality not only reinforces the biblical narrative but also offers a creative outlet for kids to express their understanding of the story.

simple Noah's ark spinner craft printable

The Benefits Of Using This Craft

This craft does more than just tell the story of Noah and his ark; it serves as a learning tool for kids.

Through the act of coloring, they engage with the narrative in a hands-on way, stimulating their imaginations and enhancing their understanding of this important Bible story.

But the benefits extend beyond the educational.

Engaging in coloring and cutting out shapes helps children develop their fine motor skills.

These activities require precision, contributing to the improvement of hand-eye coordination.

As they color within the lines and carefully cut around the edges, they’re not just creating art—they’re working on skills that are fundamental to their physical development.

Noah’s Ark Spinner Craft

Noah's ark spinner craft template for kids

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Step by step instructions

Start by printing the story wheel and cover(boat) on white cardstock paper.

color the spinner

Color the story wheel  and cut it out.

color the cover

Color the cover and cut it out.

punch a hole in the cover

Use a pencil to make a hole in the middle of the cover. (where marked)

make a hole in the spinner

Use a pencil to make a hole in the middle of the story wheel. (where marked)

attach spinner and cover

Attach the story wheel and cover together with a paper fastener.

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