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20 Easter Basket Ideas

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This list of Easter basket ideas for kids includes a lot of upcycled baskets made from recycled materials or simply from paper. You will find amazing Easter basket crafts for kids.

DIY Easter Baskets

Imagine transforming simple materials around your house into unique Easter baskets.

Making your own Easter baskets doesn’t just reduce waste from store-bought plastic ones; it also sparks creativity in your kids.

20 Easy Easter basket ideas for kids

By choosing to craft eco-friendly Easter baskets together, you introduce your little ones early to the importance of reusing materials and caring for our planet.

These hands-on projects allow them to see firsthand how everyday items can be repurposed into something new and exciting.

This way, you’re not just preparing for a festive Easter but you’re also showing resourcefulness and environmental responsibility.

Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Easy Basket ideas for kids - Easter basket crafts

So, let’s dive into the world of homemade Easter baskets, where creativity meets sustainability.

Glue Yarn Bowl

Glue Yarn Bowl

Glue yarn Easter bowl

Let’s make a glue yarn Easter bowl that’s both fun and eco-friendly.

You’ll start by gathering glue and green yarn.

Green gives it a fresh, spring vibe but don’t hesitate to mix in other colors of yarn to mimic the appearance of blossoming flowers.

This project asks for a bit of patience, as the yarn needs about 2-3 days to fully dry.

Once dry, you’ll be delighted with a cute, spring-themed bowl that’s perfect for holding Easter treats or adding a dash of seasonal decor to your home.

Adding colorful yarn not only enhances the look but also personalizes the bowl to fit your or your kid’s preferences.

Paper Easter Bunny Basket

Paper Easter Bunny Basket

Paper Easter bunny basket

You’re going to love creating a paper Easter bunny basket with your kids.

It starts with a free bunny printable, available in a variety of colors, which makes the whole process fun and personalized.

First, download the printable in a color that catches your eye.

Cut and fold according to the instructions provided.

Kids be thrilled to see their work transform into a basket they can fill with Easter treats.

Finally, secure the edges with some tape or glue.

This adds durability to your creation.

Remember, it’s not just about making an Easter basket – it’s about creating memories with your kids.

This simple yet delightful craft offers a perfect opportunity for quality time, and the result is a charming, eco-friendly Easter basket that stands out with its unique touch.

Milk Jug Easter Basket

Milk Jug Easter Basket

Milk jug Easter basket

Transforming a milk jug into a Easter basket offers a fantastic way to repurpose common household items while also crafting a unique gift for the holiday.

This project not only emphasizes recycling but also unleashes your creativity, allowing you to design a basket that can either boast a charming bunny theme or radiate a vibrant spring vibe.

You’ll begin with a clean milk jug, carefully cutting it to form the base of your basket.

Decorating comes next.

If you’re leaning towards a general spring theme, consider decorating your basket with flower stickers, or even gluing on fabric flowers for a textured look.

This project isn’t just about making an Easter basket; it’s a way to engage in an eco-friendly craft that results in a personalized, memorable gift.

Papier Mache Easter Basket

Papier Mache Easter Basket

Papier mache Easter basket

Try a papier mache project nd unleash your kids’ creativity with this eco-friendly Easter basket project.

You’ll love how this activity turns recycling into fun, as you use tissue paper to shape delightful hen or bunny baskets.

Begin by gathering different colors of tissue paper – these will bring your creations to life.

Soak the tissue paper in a simple mixture of glue and water, then layer it over a balloon or a form that resembles a hen or bunny.

Once dry, use scissors to cut an opening for the Easter goodies.

Kids love the hands-on part, where they get to add details to their baskets.

Encourage them to choose vibrant colors and patterns that make their Easter basket unique.

This project not only teaches them about recycling but also boosts their fine motor skills as they tear, paste, and glue.

This papier mache Easter basket offers a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your children while crafting something special for the holiday.

Paper Plate Easter Basket

Paper Plate Easter Basket

Paper plate Easter basket

This creative project transforms a simple paper plate into an adorable Easter basket that kids will love putting together.

Let the kids unleash their creativity by painting the back of the plate.

Encourage them to draw flowers, polka dots, or any pattern that sparks joy.

Once the paint dries, follow the steps in the tutorial to complete your Easter basket.

This easy, fun activity not only provides an opportunity for kids to practice their fine motor skills but also teaches them about upcycling.

Transforming everyday items into something new and beautiful instills a sense of resourcefulness and creativity.

Plus, each basket will be unique.

Craft Stick Easter Basket

Craft Stick Easter Basket

Craft stick Easter basket

You’ll love turning craft sticks into a cute Easter basket.

This project lets you explore your creativity, and the result is both pretty and practical.

To decorate your basket, grab some colorful paper and cut out flower shapes.

If you prefer, you can find flower templates online to make this step easier.

These paper flowers will add a vibrant burst of spring to your basket.

Next, look through your button collection and choose some to center on your paper flowers.

Not only do buttons make perfect flower centers, but they also add a charming, tactile element to your basket.

To finish, twist pipe cleaners into leaf and stem shapes.

Glue these around your flowers for added greenery.

Your craft stick Easter basket is now ready to fill with Easter treats.

It’s a wonderful way to engage in Easter crafts for kids, offering both a creative outlet and a useful, eco-friendly Easter basket.

Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter baskets

Imagine creating something beautiful and functional out of simple paper.

You can do just that with these easy-to-make paper Easter baskets.

First, grab the free printable. This template will be your guide to crafting the basket’s base and sides.

The simplicity of the design means you, or the kids, can have a basket ready in no time.

Next, let’s add a pop of color and personality.

Decorating with stickers is not just fun but also allows for a wide range of themes.

Whether you prefer floral designs, Easter bunnies, or vibrant abstract patterns, the choice is yours.

This step is a fantastic way for kids to express their creativity and add a personal touch to their baskets.

For the handle, weave three pipe cleaners together.

This not only strengthens the handle but also adds an interesting textural element to the basket.

The act of weaving is more than just assembly; it’s a chance for kids to practice their fine motor skills.

They’ll twist, turn, and manipulate the pipe cleaners, engaging their hands and minds in the creative process.

These paper Easter baskets stand out for their simplicity and charm.

With just the printable, paper, stickers, and pipe cleaners , you’re all set to create unique, personalized baskets.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket

Paper plate Easter bunny basket

You will love this adorable paper plate Easter bunny basket that’s not just eco-friendly but also a fun craft to do with the kids.

Start by grabbing a paper plate and the free bunny printable.

Decorate your basket with the washi tape.

You can choose any color or pattern that catches your eye.

Use the tape to decorate the bottom of the basket, adding a playful touch of color and design.

The washi tape not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the edges of the plate, making the basket more durable.

Now, for the tail, nothing completes a bunny quite like a fluffy tail.

Stick a cotton ball on the back of the paper plate.

This simple addition brings your bunny to life, adding a three-dimensional element that kids will love.

Lastly, the basket needs a handle.

For this, a pipe cleaner works perfectly.

Choose a color that complements your washi tape and cotton ball, then simply attach it to the top of the paper plate bunny.

The pipe cleaner is flexible yet sturdy, making it an ideal choice for a handle that can hold a few Easter treats.

And just like that, you’ve turned a paper plate into a charming Easter bunny basket.

It’s a quick, inexpensive, and eco-conscious craft that not only recycles but also sparks joy.

Perfect for an Easter hunt or as a cute decoration, this bunny basket is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Mini Easter Basket

Mini Easter Basket

Mini Easter basket

Turn a simple paper cup into a delightful Easter basket with a few colorful supplies.

Yes, this project is as charming as it sounds, and you’ll love how simple it is.

You get to pick out yarn in vibrant spring colors or pastels that scream ‘Easter joy’.

Now comes the fun part. You’ll weave the yarn around the paper cup cut strips.

To add more flair, grab a decorative ribbon.

Tie it around your newly yarn-wrapped cup, making a lovely bow at the front.

This ribbon adds a pop of elegance and charm to the basket, elevating it from simple to splendid.

Last but not least, the handle.

A pipe cleaner serves as the perfect flexible handle for your Easter basket.

Attach it on both sides of the cup, ensuring it’s secure.

You can even twist two pipe cleaners together for a stronger or multicolored handle.

In the end, you have a mini Easter basket that is adorable for egg hunts.

Flower Pot Easter Bunny Basket

Flower Pot Easter Bunny Basket

Flower pot Easter bunny baskets

Let’s get creative and turn everyday terra cotta flower pots into charming Easter bunny baskets that are as fun to make as they are to display.

Begin with selecting flower pots of any size you prefer.

Grab some acrylic paint in pastel or vibrant colors and give each pot a solid, cheerful base coat.

This splash of color transforms a simple pot into the basis of your Easter decoration.

With the free printable bunny ears, cut them out and securely attach them to the rim of the painted pots.

This instantly converts your terra cotta canvas into an adorable bunny.

Now, it’s time to bring these bunnies to life.

Take markers to draw the details that define the character of your Easter bunnies.

They’re perfect for holding Easter treats, acting as decorative planters, or simply brightening any corner of your home.

Plus, involving your kids in this craft fosters a love for DIY projects while teaching the value of upcycling and personal expression.

Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter Baskets

Paper Easter baskets

Making paper baskets can be a fun and simple project, perfect for Easter.

You start by selecting vibrant paper colors that will make your baskets pop.

These baskets can hold Easter candies, small toys, or even serve as a decorative piece.

The key is to experiment with colors and enjoy the process of creating something by hand.

Easy Bunny Box

Easy Bunny Box

Easy bunny box

You’ll love this easy bunny box that’s perfect for Easter.

You can make it in just 15 minutes, and all you need is the template and a few simple supplies.

Tie the ears together at the top with a colorful ribbon or string.

This not only secures the ears but also gives your bunny character.

Fill your bunny box with Easter treats or small toys, and it’s ready to delight anyone.

This DIY project proves that you don’t need complicated crafts to make Easter special.

A simple bunny box can bring a huge smile to someone’s face.

Woven Paper Easter Basket

Woven Paper Easter Basket

Woven paper Easter basket

Grab that stack of your child’s artwork you’ve been saving and get ready to transform it into a vibrant, woven paper Easter basket.

First, download the free basket template .

Next, cut the artwork into strips, ensuring they are of uniform width for a neat weave.

Alternating colors and patterns as you weave adds a playful and personal touch to the basket.

In no time, you’ll have a cheerful Easter basket that not only recycles but also showcases your child’s creativity.

It’s a win-win Easter craft that brightens up any Easter celebration.

Easter Egg Basket

Easter Egg Basket

Easter egg basket

You can create a delightful Easter egg basket yourself, ideal for DIY gifts, treat bags, or simply as charming Easter decorations.

Kick off the process by gathering a few basic supplies.

You’ll need construction paper or cardstock in various Easter-themed colors, scissors, glue, and a bit of creativity.

Start by cutting out egg shapes from the paper.

These will serve as the main decorative features of your basket.

Add a handle to your basket using a strip of paper.

Lastly, fill your handmade Easter egg basket with goodies.

Chocolate eggs, small toys, or even homemade cookies can make this Easter creation a delightful surprise for anyone.

Pattern Cardstock Paper Easter Baskets

Pattern Cardstock Paper Easter Baskets

Pattern paper Easter baskets

Making your own Easter baskets can add a personal touch to the holiday.

If you’re looking for something both simple and versatile, pattern cardstock paper Easter baskets might be right up your alley.

These baskets strike a perfect balance between easy crafting and stylish design, allowing you to tailor them to any taste or theme.

The beauty of these baskets lies in their adaptability; they can be as intricate or as minimalist as you prefer.

Decorating these baskets can be as enjoyable as making them.

Consider ribbon, stickers, or even fabric flowers to add a touch of uniqueness.

Fill them with grass, Easter candies, or small toys.

Polka Dot Treat Cups

Polka Dot Treat Cups

Polka dot treat cups

These treat cups are made with foam cups but you can consider paper cups, for a more eco-friendly craft.

First, choose your paint colors – vibrant hues work best to bring out that festive Easter spirit.

Dot your cups using the back of a brush or a dotting tool, creating a lively polka dot pattern all around.

Let them dry completely before moving to the next step.

Once dry, it’s time to add a handle to your treat cup.

You can use a ribbon or a sturdy paper strip for this.

Secure the ends inside your cup with a strong adhesive or tape.

Make sure it’s firmly in place to hold a good amount of treats without risking a break.

Finally, fill your Polka Dot Treat Cups with a mix of Easter candies, small toys, or even homemade treats.

These cups are not only perfect for Easter morning surprises but also make great decorations for your Easter brunch table.

Craft Stick Easter Basket

Craft Stick Easter Basket

Craft stick Easter basket

Grab a recycled paper roll and let’s make an adorable craft stick Easter basket.

Start by collecting your materials: a paper roll, craft sticks, glue, paint, and any decorative items you like such as ribbons or stickers.

Cut the paper roll to your desired height for the basket.

Next, take your craft sticks and glue them around the paper roll, ensuring they’re closely spaced to give it a solid structure.

Once the glue dries, add a splash of color with paint.

Go for pastel shades to keep the Easter spirit alive.

Lastly, decorate your basket with ribbons tied around or stickers scattered for a playful touch.

This basket not only serves as a delightful Easter decoration but also as a personalized touch to your Easter celebrations.

Paper Bag Easter Basket

Paper Bag Easter Basket

Paper bag Easter basket

Transforming a simple brown paper bag into an Easter basket is a proof of creativity and resourcefulness.

Begin by cutting the bag to the desired length.

The fun part comes next: decoration.

You let your imagination fly with stickers, pom-poms, and vibrant colors.

To create a sturdy handle, thread colorful beads onto pipe cleaners, twisting them securely at both ends of the basket.

This not only adds to the whimsical appeal but also ensures durability as eager hands search for Easter morning surprises.

Remember, the beauty of DIY projects lies in their uniqueness.

As you work on this project, appreciate the simplicity of the materials and the joy of creating something by hand.

In a world where everything is readily available, making an Easter basket from a brown paper bag is a small but meaningful way to connect with the spirit of the holiday.

K Cup Easter Baskets

K Cup Easter Baskets

Mini K cup Easter baskets

Those K cups don’t have to end up in the recycling bin every time you drink coffee.

Turn them into adorable mini Easter baskets.

All you have to do is draw with markers on the K cup and add a pipe cleaner handle.

Plastic Cup Easter Basket

Plastic Cup Easter Basket

Mini plastic cup Easter baskets

These super cute mini baskets are made from plastic cup.

Start by cutting the cups and wrap twine around them until covered completely.

The twine gives the baskets a rustic look, great for decorating or gifting.

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