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25 Paper Plate Crafts with Free Printable Templates

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A list of 25 easy paper plate crafts with free printable templates to make with kids for all seasons, holidays and any day of the year.

Paper Plate Crafts

I’ve always been drawn to paper plate crafts for their simplicity and the endless possibilities they offer.

The advantage of using paper plates for our crafts is that they are affordable and readily available.

Moreover, they are durable materials that makes them perfect for little hands eager to create.

paper plate crafts for kids with free printable templates

The best part? I’ve put together an amazing list of craft ideas that come with free printables, making the crafting experience a breeze.

From vibrant spring flowers to Christmas ornaments, this collection offers not only seasonal craft ideas, but also evergreen craft options for any day of the year.

So grab those paper plates and let’s dive into a world of creativity – no hefty price tag or complicated steps necessary!

Paper plate crafts with free printable templates

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Here are some of the materials you will need to make these paper plate crafts with free printable templates. Make sure to click on each title or photo for a complete list of supplies and the step-by-step instructions.

Paper Plate Veggie Garden

Vegetable craft for kids with paper plate and yarn

Paper plate veggie garden

If you’re looking for a creative way to get your little ones interested in veggies, this cute craft might help.

This adorable paper plate veggie garden craft is perfect for families who love to garden or for those who are trying to coax a picky eater towards more greens.

It’s a simple craft – all you need is a paper plate and some yarn, and you’ll create a delightful mini garden right at your crafting table.

Featuring a trio of colorful veggies including carrots, beets, and onions, this craft not only sparks joy but could also lead to healthier eating habits.

Plus, it’s a fun way for little ones to use their fine motor skills!

Paper Plate Unicorn

Paper plate unicorn

I’ve got a whimsical treat for all the unicorn enthusiasts out there—a vibrant paper plate unicorn craft that’s pure joy to create!

First, take a paper plate and paint it pink or any other color of your choice.

Then, choose strands of yarn in every hue you’d like to form a rainbow mane.

Finally, create the spiraling horn, securing it atop the plate to crown the mythical creature.

The secret to getting the shape just right?

Use the handy free printable, tracing the unicorn’s silhouette directly onto the plate and the horn on cardstock paper.

t’s a simple, mess-free way to bring a touch of magic to your crafting adventure.

Paper Plate Day and Night

Night craft kids

Day and night craft

A fun educational craft for kids to learn about day and night.

We used of a plain paper plate to portray both the cheerful sun and dozy moon.

With just a spin, kids can see the transition from daytime to nighttime.

This educational activity isn’t just entertaining; it supports kids’ understanding of the world’s natural rhythms.

Plus, it’s super easy to craft – kids will have as much fun putting it together as they will playing with it.

Paper Plate Flower Garden

Paper plate flower craft

Paper plate flower garden craft

I love how this paper plate flower garden craft can bring a burst of color into any room!

First, grab a sturdy paper plate and let your imagination take over with paints to create a vibrant garden background.

Then comes the fun part – threading yarn through the bottom of the plate to make the grass.

To top it off, use the free printable to cut out beautiful flower shapes, arranging them just so, to complete your blooming masterpiece.

It’s a delightful way to brighten up a rainy afternoon, and kids will absolutely love the mix of painting and fine motor skills this project offers.

Paper Plate Birdhouse Craft

Birdhouse craft for kids

Paper plate birdhouse craft

Bring the joy of nature indoors with this engaging paper plate birdhouse craft.

Paint the plate in vibrant hues before cutting out the birdhouse shape from the free template provided.

Once you glue the little house onto the plate, the magic truly begins.

Attach the cute bird to a craft stick, allowing for hands-on fun.

Kids will absolutely love moving the bird towards its home, creating endless stories as they play.

It’s a simple project that adds a touch of whimsy and creativity to any crafting session.

Paper Plate Rocking Pirate Boat Craft

Rocking paper plate pirate ship craft for kids. Little boys will love this craft. | at Non-Toy Gifts

Rocking pirate boat

Ahoy, mateys!

If you’ve got little ones who dream of sailing the high seas and embarking on buccaneer adventures, then crafting a paper plate rocking pirate boat will surely capture their imagination.

All they need is a paper plate to serve as the sturdy vessel, some paint, and paper.

With the template provided, they can cut out their pirate flags and sails, and before you know it, they’ll be ready to rock on imaginary waves, seeking treasure and adventure around the living room!

Paper Plate Sailing Boat Craft

Paper plate boat craft for kids to make this summer

Paper plate sailing boat

I just love how this paper plate sailing boat craft captures the essence of a breezy day by the water.

You can easily bring this scene to life with the free printable and the easy step-by-step instructions.

First, grab a paper plate and paint it blue.

Next, take some yarn and thread it back and forth across the bottom of the plate, creating gentle waves.

Then, you’ll want to cut out a charming little boat and a radiant sun from the printed template.

Position them just right on your blue ocean, and voila – you’ve crafted a delightful sea adventure that’s sure to inspire ocean stories.

Paper Plate Batman Craft

Paper plate Batman craft fro kids who are into superheroes.

Paper plate Batman

If you’ve got a little superhero at home, they’ll love this Batman craft.

Grab a paper plate and splash it with blue paint for that classic Gotham City nighttime sky.

Then cut out the black skyline from the free template provided and carefully glue it to the plate.

But what’s Batman without his iconic symbol?

Cut that out too and attach it to a craft stick.

Kids will love this part, as they get to zoom Batman’s signal across the DIY skyline.

Paper Plate Captain America Shield Craft

Captain America paper plate shield craft for kids who love superheroes.

Captain America shield craft

Bring out the bravest superhero in you—and make a Captain America shield.

Grab a paper plate and red, white and blue tissue paper.

Layer the tissue paper pieces in true Captain America fashion until your shield is as iconic as the hero’s.

But what’s a shield without its star? Use the free printable template for this purpose and create the perfect star centerpiece.

Place the star at the heart of your shield, and watch as your creation transforms into a beacon of justice.

This is more than just a craft; it’s your kids’ ticket to hours of imaginative playtime.

Paper Plate Rain Craft

Paper plate rainbow rain cloud craft for kids

Paper plate rain

I just love springtime and all the creative crafts it inspires, so I’m thrilled to tell you about this paper plate rain craft.

It’s perfect when you’re chatting about the whole “April showers bring May flowers” thing with your little ones.

This craft bursts with color from a radiant rainbow stretched between two smiley clouds.

The best part?

You get to string yarn rain, from which you can dangle little paper raindrops you make using the free printable I provide.

It’s a delightful way to blend art and learning, plus it adds that cheery spring vibe to any room!

Paper Plate Camping Craft

Summer camping craft for kids

Paper plate camping craft

Take your little explorers on a crafting adventure with this interactive paper plate camping craft.

Perfect for sparking creativity on warm summer days, at camp, or just at home, this craft helps you bring the great outdoors inside.

Imagine a scene with a cozy tent nestled beside a tree, transitioning from day to night.

You’ll paint one side of the sturdy paper plate to mimic the dark, starry sky while the other side basks in the daylight’s glow.

Grab the free printable to guide you through this easy activity that’s sure to delight campers of all ages.

Paper Plate Campfire Craft

Summer campfire craft

Paper plate campfire craft

Gather your little campers around and let’s create a cozy paper plate campfire that they can enjoy indoors.

First, let’s gather the materials – a paper plate, orange yarn, glue, paper, and the free printable I’ve prepared for you.

Kids will absolutely love moving the marshmallow over their pretend fire.

This simple yet interactive craft is perfect for sparking imaginative play during summer camp activities or even a family crafting night at home.

Paper Plate Apple Basket Craft

Paper plate apple basket

I absolutely love the idea of combining crafts with learning, and this apple basket craft is a perfect example.

It’s not just a fantastic activity for the fall season but also a fun learning tool.

Preschoolers and kindergartners in particular will find their fine motor skills getting a fun workout while weaving the yarn to create the basket’s design.

You get to start with a simple paper plate, then grab some yarn, and before you know it, you’ve crafted a lovely little basket.

And the best part – it comes with three different colored apples ready to be ‘picked’ and placed in the basket by tiny hands.

Easy, fun, and educational – exactly what crafting with kids should be!

Paper Plate Color Changing Apple Craft

Paper plate color changing apple

I love finding new ways to intrigue and engage little minds, and this paper plate color changing apple craft certainly hits the mark.

It’s an interactive piece where kids can playfully switch the apple’s colors from red to yellow to green.

Not only is this craft visually appealing, but it also provides a dynamic way to teach kids about colors and transitions in a tangible, playful manner.

You just need two paper plates, paint and the free craft printable.

As the plate twists, the apple changes colors.

It’s an engaging and educational project, perfect for a rainy day or a quiet afternoon of crafting.

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Paper plate winter craft for kids

Paper plate penguin

All you need for this cute penguin craft is a paper plate and some yarn to weave a belly that looks just like the ones you see on a real penguin.

What’s even cooler is that I’ve got a free printable for you to make the process as easy as pie.

This paper plate penguin is perfect for snowy days spent crafting inside where it’s warm!

Paper Plate Lorax Craft

Lorax craft for kids

Paper plate Lorax

I’m always trying to come up with creative crafts for kids, and what better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday than with a paper plate Lorax craft?

The Lorax is a beloved character, and crafting his distinctive mustache out of tissue paper is a blast.

You and your kids can cut, glue, and paint as you bring this eco-friendly character to life.

I’ve got a free printable that contains all the other elements you need, making this activity super easy and enjoyable for all.

Grab your paper plates and let’s get started on this fun project!

Paper Plate Cactus Valentine Wreath

Easy Valentine cactus craft for kids

Cactus Valentine’s Day wreath

A handmade cactus wreath for Valentine’s Day, complete with the playful goof “Free Hugs.”

I love that you can create such a beautiful craft from simple materials like a paper plate.

First, cut the center out of the plate to form your wreath base.

You’ll craft your cactus from green construction paper.

Once your friendly cactus is glued to the plate, use a bold marker or paint to add those inviting words beneath.

It’s a whimsical, sweet project that adds a spike of fun to the typical Valentine’s Day craft lineup.

Paper Plate Valentine Heart Craft

Paper plate and yarn heart craft

Paper plate hearts

I always enjoy finding new twists for classic crafts, and this paper plate Valentine heart craft is no exception.

First, you take a plain paper plate and paint it in a color that speaks to me – maybe a vibrant red or a soft pink.

After the paint dries, use the free printable to cut out the heart pattern.

Carefully trace it onto the center of the painted plate.

Next comes the fun part.

Grab some yarn and beads – I love the way they add a little sparkle.

Thread the yarn through the holes on the edges of the heart, weaving in beads as you go.

The result is a stunning yarn and beads heart right in the middle of the plate.

It’s a simple yet beautiful craft that adds a personal touch to Valentine’s Day.

Paper Plate St Patrick Wreath Craft

St Patrick's Day paper plate wreath craft for kids

St Patrick’s Day wreath

Transforming a simple paper plate into a festive wreath couldn’t be easier.

You start by cutting the center out of the plate to create your base.

From there, decorate it with a four-leaf clover cut from green paper for a touch of luck.

Add a little pot of gold that sits perfectly at the bottom.

It’s delightful to see how such easy materials come together to celebrate the luck of the Irish!

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft

Easter egg craft

Imagine the fun you’ll have turning a simple paper plate into a vibrant Easter egg!

This craft is perfect for preschoolers, helping them with their fine motor skills as they work with yarn.

Just grab the free printable, your array of yarn, and start crafting your own paper plate Easter egg.

They’ll brighten up any room and are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft

Easter egg basket

Imagine kids tucking vibrant paper Easter eggs into a homemade basket they’ve lovingly crafted!

First, you’ll use a sturdy paper plate and we’ll weave yarn through it, creating the basket’s cozy nest.

Next, use the free printable to help you create those colorful paper eggs.

Paper Plate Gnome Ornaments

Paper plate gnome ornaments

These paper plate gnome ornaments are incredibly cute and so easy to make.

They are the perfect combination between a painted paper plate hat and a thick yarn gnome beard.

It all comes together with the help of a free craft printable.

Paper Plate Gnome Craft

Paper plate gnome craft

I love adding a whimsical touch to the holiday crafting with the little ones, and what could be more delightful than making your very own paper plate gnomes?

With their colorful hats and yarn beards, these friendly gnomes will become a Christmas favorite craft.

By simply grabbing some paper plates, colorful paper, and a bit of yarn, you can craft up these charming fellows in no time.

Paper Plate Grinch’s Heart Craft

Paper plate Grinch craft

Let me show you a super simple way to bring the spirit of Whoville into your home with a paper plate Grinch’s heart craft.

You’ll need a standard paper plate, some red yarn, and a touch of green paint.

Don’t worry about the design; I’ve got you covered with a free printable template that makes this craft a breeze.

Start by painting the plate a vibrant Grinch green.

Once it’s dry, use the template to guide you as you thread the red yarn to form the Grinch’s famously small heart.

In no time at all, you’ll have a whimsical craft that’s sure to grow your heart three sizes!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Paper plate and yarn Christmas tree craft

Christmas tree craft

I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit with easy crafts that the little ones can join in on.

This yarn and paper plate Christmas tree craft hits all the right notes.

This is more than just a craft; it turns into a homemade holiday decor.

Picture it adding to the coziness of a classroom corner or brightening up our living room.

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