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Non-Toy Gifts for Boys (Age 4-6)

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This list of non-toy gifts for boys (age 4-6) is for creative little ones who love exploring the outdoors, who are passionate about superheroes or dinosaurs. I based my gift guide on my 5-year old interests as well as his little brother’s and a couple of his best friends. So there is a bit for everyone: for the preschoolers who love to express their creativity through drawing (yes, there are boys who would spend quite a lot of time sitting down and coloring, painting or drawing), music or picture taking, who are fascinated by outer space, little boys who would talk about their favorite superhero or Star Wars characters all day long, who wouldn’t leave home without a dinosaur in their hands or kindergartners who would be glad to spend the entire day playing ball.

13 Non-toy gifts for boys

Non-toy gifts for boys (age 4-6)

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  1. Art table – This may be the ultimate art table. It is not only large (it can accommodate 6 kids) but it also features a built-in paper dispenser under the table, with a child-safe paper cutter and several storage cups to hold all the crayons and brushes.Non-toy gifts for boys (age 4-6)
  2. Drums – This is the set of drums that we gifted to our oldest for his 4th birthday. It not only looks professional but it is also sturdy and will not break despite all the music created by two enthusiastic little boys and their friends.
  3. Headphones – Especially created for little kids, these award winning headphones come with volume limiting lock, soft and comfortable padding and many other features. Many colors choices.
  4. Instant camera – My oldest is absolutely fascinated by his camera. He takes it everywhere and loves to take pictures of the places he visits, his friends or anything else that captures his attention. He has a digital camera so he never gets to touch and hold his photos. Owing an instant camera would be quite an experience.
  5. Animation studio kit with webcam – Making your own movie. Now this is something! Forget about the kiddos, I want this one for myself.Non-toy gifts for boys (age 4-6)
  6. Interactive globe – Kids will learn their way around the globe during the day and a beautiful illuminated constellation at night.
  7. Little passports – This is a monthly subscription that will offer kids the opportunity to explore a new world theme or a new country each month. One month gifts are also available.
  8. Space projector – My son got this as a birthday gift from a friend and I can’t tell you how much fun and educational is for the entire family. Turn the projector on and you’re surrounded by planets, constellations and galaxies. It is cordless and this makes it really easy for kids to carry it anywhere they want.
  9. Rock & mineral collection activity kit – Show me a boy who doesn’t like rocks! This collection contains over 150 pieces and it comes with an educational information sheet.Non-toy gifts for boys (age 4-6)
  10. Star Wars wall clock – A nice and colorful wall to decorate the bedroom walls of a Star Wars fan
  11. Spiderman saucer chair – My boys share the room and they love to have their own private corner where they keep all that’s important to them. A favorite character chair is such a nice addition to a boy’s bedroom or playroom.
  12. Dinosaur watch – Adorable little dinosaurs will help the boys learn how to read time.
  13. Basketball hoop – Too cold to play ball outside? Take basketball inside with this over-the-door hoop.

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Beth Bishop

Wednesday 11th of October 2017

Hi Brenda! Thanks for this list. It is hard to buy for my 11 year old daughter this year but I know she would love most of these. Best wishes!

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