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Open House Kids Activities Book

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Are you a real estate agent looking for a fun and engaging way to involve kids during your open houses? Look no further than our open house kids activities book!

When it comes to shopping for a new home, it can be tough to keep everyone entertained and engaged. Open houses can be especially challenging for kids, who might get easily bored or restless.

Open House Kids Activities Book

The Open House Kids Activities Book makes a great solution to this problem that is both convenient and affordable. This handy book has been designed specifically to keep children entertained while their parents browse new homes, providing them with a fun and educational way to spend their time.

Open House Kids Activities Book - Real Estate Marketing tool

Real estate agents can now offer this special book to their clients’ kids to keep them entertained while the parents take their tour. The activities inside are designed specifically for kids of all ages so they can explore and learn in a fun and engaging way.

With the Open House Kids Activities Book, there’s no need for parents to bring along toys or electronics.

Open House Kids Activities Book with 20 activities

20 Activities

The Open House Kids Activity Book comes with 20 fun and engaging activities: from house shadow matching and key counting to spot the difference and connect the dots, and more. 

All kids need is the book and a pencil, and they’re ready to go.

Open House Kids Activities Book for young kids

Real estate agents have the option to give children a pencil and the book to complete the activities, or to provide colored pencils for them to add their own creative touch to the pages.

Not only does the Open House Kids Activities Book keep kids entertained during open houses, but it also promotes their cognitive development in the process. The book’s puzzles and games encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and other important cognitive skills that will benefit kids long after they leave the open house.

Open House Kids Activities Book - digital product

By providing an open house kids activity book, real estate agents are showing their clients that they take every aspect of their home buying search seriously.

Keeping kids occupied and entertained while parents tour a home is an effective and thoughtful way to showcase excellent customer service.

Even better, this book can be used again and again, whether touring multiple homes or used as a rainy day activity.

Easy to Customize

Not only does the Open House Kids Activities Book provide a fun distraction for children, but it also serves as a marketing tool for the real estate agent.

Titled My House Adventure, this book is a digital product that can be used as may times as needed.

The nice and colorful cover is editable. The real estate agents can personalize the cover with their name and contact information.

Unlike other similar products provided by other creators, there is no need to sign up for Canva to edit the book. The agent’s info can be added directly into the page in the editable area at the bottom.

editable cover

Parents will appreciate the extra effort put forth to make the viewing experience enjoyable for the whole family, and the book will keep the agent’s brand and contact information top of mind for future reference.

My House Adventure for Real Estate Agents to keep kids entertained

So why not add some extra fun to your open houses and distribute these books to young visitors? It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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