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Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft

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This Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft offers an exciting and interactive way to teach children about the biblical story of Baby Moses. Its hands-on approach fosters creativity, improves fine motor skills, and enhances engagement in Sunday School.

Teaching children about biblical stories can be a challenging task, especially when trying to keep them engaged and interested. Sunday School teachers often search for creative and interactive activities to make learning more enjoyable for their students. One such activity that can captivate young minds while teaching them about the story of Baby Moses is the Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft.

This rocking paper plate baby Moses craft is the perfect activity when discussing the Exodus account! This craft is interactive and kids can play with it after the lesson. Whether you want to discuss baby Moses at home or Sunday school, you’re sure to have a hit!

Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft for preschoolers and older kids

Begin by painting a paper plate blue (for a mess-free experience, use blue paper plates). During this portion, consider discussing where Moses was born. In Egypt, there is a big river called the Nile. The Nile has crocodiles, snakes, and fish!

Next, work on baby Moses in the basket. You can discuss that a long time ago in Egypt, the ruler wanted to take all the Jewish baby boys from their mothers. Moses’ mother was scared for him because she knew that the ruler would not be nice to the babies. So she put him in a basket and placed him on the Nile River! She did this to protect him. 

Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft template for Sunday School

As your child is cutting out the greenery, talk about how Moses’ older sister watched him as he traveled down the river in his basket. She watched as the ruler’s daughter saved Moses from the river and took good care of him. God protected Moses and kept him safe!

Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft for kids with template

Glue all the pieces onto the paper plate and you now have an interactive lesson experience! This rocking paper plate baby Moses craft is a wonderful way for children to remember the story of Moses’ birth and get a toy to play with later.

Benefits of making the Baby Moses craft:

Interactive learning: By engaging their hands and senses, children can better remember and understand the story of Baby Moses. The rocking motion helps to create a connection between the craft and the narrative, enhancing their learning experience.

Creativity and imagination: This craft allows children to express their creativity by painting the paper plate and gluing all the elements together. It encourages them to use their imagination and make the craft their own.

Fine motor skills: Cutting and gluing are essential activities that enhance fine motor skills in young children. This craft helps in developing their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Classroom engagement: The interactive nature of this craft captures the attention of children, resulting in increased involvement during Sunday School classes. It can become a focal point of discussion, making the learning experience more dynamic and enjoyable for all.

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Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft

Rocking Paper Plate Baby Moses Craft with template for Sunday school

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How to make the baby Moses craft

Start by gluing the blanket at the top of the basket, on the back side.

basket and blanket glued together

Glue Moses’ head at one end of the blanket.

glue the head

Glue Moses’ hands onto the blanket, one on each side of the blanket.

painted paper plate

Paint the back of a paper plate blue and set it aside to dry out completely.

glue baby Moses onto the paper plate

Fold the plate in half and glue the basket with Moses at the top of the fold.

glue the greenery

Glue the grass at the top of the paper plate, on the back side.

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