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Baby Moses Paper Plate Craft

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Easy to assemble this baby Moses paper plate craft is a wonderful way to incorporate creativity into your Sunday School lesson plans.

Teaching a Sunday School lesson on Baby Moses? The story of how God rescued Moses as baby floating in a basket in the Nile river makes for a great Sunday School lessons for kids.  Kids see that even the tiniest babies are important to God.  

Baby Moses paper plate craft for kids

The Baby Moses paper plate wreath is great as a teaching aid in the classroom, preschool, or daycare, and as a resource for homeschool and special education.

Depending on time and the experience of your children, you can cut out the elements yourself or let them do it.

The craft combines painting of the paper plate with coloring and cutting, which makes it a great activity to help with fine motor skills. Kids will get a chance to color the basket with baby Moses, the sun and the grass.

Baby Moses paper plate wreath craft

 This baby Moses wreath craft has an eye catching design and this makes it an ideal craft to decorate the home or classroom.

You can also assemble it as a craft kit for children to take home after Sunday School, make and display in their rooms. It’ll serve as a reminder of this biblical moment.

easy Baby Moses paper plate craft

The template comes with two options:

OPTION 1: print, color and cut

OPTION 2: print on colored  paper

The template has big patterns – perfect for preschoolers and older kids.

Baby Moses paper plate craft for preschoolers

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Baby Moses Paper Plate Craft

simple Baby Moses craft

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  • White cardstock paper
  • Colored pencils


  • Cardstock paper: yellow, green, white and brown.
  • Colored pencils

Step by step instructions:

Start by painting the rim of the paper plate. Use blue at the bottom of the plate and light blue for the rest. Set the paper plate aside to dry out completely.

painted paper plate

Color the patterns, if you’re using Option 1 or print them on colored paper, if you’re using Option 2.

baby Moses

Cut out the middle of the paper plate.

cut the middle of the paper plate

Glue the baby Moses in the basket at the bottom of the paper plate.

Glue the grass on the sides of the basket and the sun at the top of the plate.

glue the elements on the paper plate

Cut a string of yarn, flip the paper plate over and tape the yarn at the top of the plate.

tape the string

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