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He Is Risen Wreath Craft

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Teach your child about the resurrection with this easy He Is Risen wreath craft! Coloring is a great way to tell your child about the true meaning of Easter and why it’s important to appreciate the cross as Christians.

He is risen wreath craft for kids

Happy and vibrant, this craft can be perfectly used to decorate for spring, home, or Sunday School. Even more, this requires no prep work!

The wreath comes in three pieces, allowing you to share the story as you go!

As the cross is colored, describe Jesus’ love for your child. Talk about how Christ had his arms open wide on the cross to show that he wants all to come to him. Jesus invites all into his love. He proves his love for us by dying on the cross.

Coloring He is risen wreath craft

The sun is a great reminder of the resurrection.

Jesus died on the cross, but he promised that on the third day, he would rise again. Share how this means Jesus has power over death!

We don’t need to be afraid because Jesus makes it so that we can rise again, too. Death is no more!

Encourage your child to use happy colors to decorate the wreath.


This craft is part of an awesome Easter bundle. Make sure to check it out.

We say “He is risen” to remember all that Jesus has done for us and his victory over death! You could even teach your child the common call-response often heard in church on Easter Sunday. When you say, “He is risen,” your child can respond, “He is risen, indeed.” 

Easy coloring He is risen wreath craft for  kids


Sunday School activity: He is risen wreath craft

The He Is Risen wreath craft is not only wonderful for teaching moments, it’s great for your child’s fine motor skills! Coloring and gluing these pieces together is good for their development.

Once finished, proudly display your craft at home or church!


This craft is part of an awesome Easter craft bundle. Make sure to check it out.

He Is Risen wreath craft

Easter Sunday School craft

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Step by step instructions

Print the template with all three patterns: wreath, sun and cross on white paper.

color the template

Color  all three patterns and cut them out.

glue cross and sun together

Glue the cross in the middle of the sun.

glue all elements together

Glue the sun with cross at the bottom back of the wreath.

Fold a yarn strand in half and tape it to the top back of the wreath.

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