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He Is Risen Windsocks

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He Is Risen windsocks are a great craft to teach your child about the resurrection.

He Is Risen windsocks craft for kids

These windsocks require no prep work and are simply perfect to use as decoration for Easter or any time of year you want to focus on the miracle of Christ’s resurrection. Additionally, this craft would be great for Sunday School lessons.

Preschoolers all the way up to older kids will enjoy putting this colorful windsock together!

Start with the coloring page. As your child colors in the cross, describe Christ’s love for them. The picture includes a heart right in the center, making it an easy visual for your kid.

Easter Sunday School: He Is Risen windsocks

Talk about how Jesus loved them so much that he died for them so that they could be forgiven and feel God’s love! Not only that, but Jesus rose from the dead on the third day!

As your child colors in the sunbeams, talk about how Jesus is the light of the world. He came to conquer darkness so that we don’t have to be afraid. Because Jesus rose again, we don’t have to fear because God is with us!

Attaching the streamers is a great moment to celebrate the joy found in Easter! Remind your child that this is a happy and joyous holiday! You might even consider teaching them a hymn like “He Lives” and sing along as you wrap up the craft.

Easy He Is Risen windsocks for kids to make for Easter Sunday School


This He Is Risen windsock craft is not only great for a teaching moment, but it’s helpful to develop your child’s motor skills. Coloring, gluing, rolling–it’s all great for development.

Make sure to show your child what happens when the wind hits your final product! Consider taking it outside for some easy fun, or use a fan at home to show the colorful streamers in the wind. Hang your craft somewhere your child can see their work and remember the beauty of Easter!


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He Is Risen Windsocks

He Is Risen windsock craft

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Step by step instructions

Print the favorite version of the windsocks on white paper.

color the page

Color  the windsocks.

Glue three yellow and three orange crepe paper streamers at the bottom of the paper. Glue the streamers up to the line that separates the gluing part of the page.

tape paper streamers

Apply glue to the gluing strip on the side of the paper.

Bend the paper into a circle and glue the ends together.

bend into a circle

Cut out a yarn strand and tape its ends to the inside top of the windsocks.

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