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He Is Risen Agamograph

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This He Is Risen agamograph is such a fun coloring activity for kids to make for Easter at home or for Sunday School.

He Is Risen agamograph craft for kids

Spring is the perfect time of year to reintroduce your children to the wonder of Easter.

However, because the resurrection is relevant all year round–this craft would make a great project whenever you want a quick, no-prep lesson on Christ’s sacrifice.

Whether you use this for Sunday School or an at-home activity, your child is sure to enjoy this His Is Risen agamograph.

Easy Easter craft for kids: He Is Risen agamograph

Begin by coloring the image of three crosses. As your child scribbles away, tell them about Jesus’ love for them and how he died on the cross for their sins.

This death made a way for them to know God and be a part of God’s family. Share that Jesus had his arms open wide, ready to love them, on the cross.

The next image reads, “He Is Risen.”

He Is Risen agamograph coloring craft for kids

Explain that after being dead for three days, Jesus became alive again! He defeated sin and death, and the Bible says that “in him [Jesus] was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4).

Jesus gives eternal life to anyone who comes to him. Share that because he defeated death, anyone who trusts in Jesus will have life forever in heaven with God after they die.


Easter Sunday School activity for kids: He Is Risen agamograph

After coloring, fold your craft to become this beautiful agamograph. You can now see one image at a time, depending on the angle you look at the paper.

This He Is Risen agamograph is exciting and so much fun for children in preschool, as well as older ages!


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Easter Sunday School craft for kids

He Is Risen Agamograph

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Step by step instructions

Start by printing the page with the two images and color them both.


Cut out the two images , keeping the letters/numbers at the bottom.

cut the two images

Cut out the strips and make sure to keep the letters/numbers at the bottom of the strips.

cut the strips

Glue the strips in order onto the blank frame, making sure to match the letters/numbers at the bottom of the strips with the letters/numbers at the bottom of the blank frame.

start gluing the strips
strips glued on paper

Cut off the white border of the frame, including the letters/numbers.

fold the agamograph

Fold the agamograph accordion-style along the lines between the pictures.

To see the two images, turn the agamograph to the left and to the right.

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