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Baby Moses Handprint Craft

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This is a simple baby Moses handprint craft that is easy for young children to make to reinforce the Bible story about baby Moses in his basket.

baby Moses handprint craft

God had a special plan for Moses! Exodus 1-2 describes how God protects baby Moses from a horrible decree from the Pharaoh that all of the male Hebrew babies were to be killed. It’s amazing to see that God uses the Pharaoh’s daughter to save baby Moses!

This baby Moses bible craft  is a great way to remind kids that God is always in control! The big patterns make it really easy to put together as part of a Bible lesson!.

This Moses baby craft is the perfect way to conclude a study on the life of Moses! Kids will have fun cutting the pieces.

baby Moses handprint craft for kids

The template comes with big patterns, which are easy for the kids to cut and handle.

Also it will be a great tool for them to tell their families what they learned in Sunday School, as well as remember how God is always in control and takes care of His people.

This baby Moses handprint craft uses only paper, a paper plate and paint, which makes it an affordable craft and more importantly you can personalize the craft with the kid’s handprints. Turn it into a beautiful keepsake.

This works perfectly for the Sunday School or at home.

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Baby Moses handprint craft

baby Moses handprint craft template

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How to make a baby Moses handprint craft

half paper plate painted blue

Start by cutting a paper plate in half and painting one half blue. Set the plate aside to dry out completely.

Trace the kid’s handprint on green paper. You can use one, two or three shades of green. Cut out three handprints.

green handprints

Glue the handprints at the top of the paper plate.


Glue the basket on top of the handprints.


Glue Moses’ head on top of the basket.

Sharing is caring!