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Adam and Eve Spinner Craft

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Looking for some fun, interactive Adam and Eve Bible Story games, crafts, lesson ideas and helps? Then look no further! This Adam & Eve spinner craft will make the perfect addition to any homeschool or Sunday School bible lessons, family home evenings, church kids primary scripture lessons & more! 

This is an easy hands-on and engaging craft to help students tell the story of Adam and Eve on their own.

Color, cut and spin!

Adam and Eve spinner wheel craft

This fun Adam and Eve simple coloring craft is the perfect addition to keep your preschoolers and young kiddos engaged as you teach and review the story of Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Kids seem to grasp this story well, even from a young age. They understand that Adam and Eve were told to do one thing from God, yet chose to go their own way instead.

Being that this struggle happens all the time in the parent/child relationship, this story is typically quite memorable for kids.

Adam and Eve spinner craft for kids

Teach children about the Christian story of Adam and Eve, with this spinner wheel activity. This is a foundational story in the Bible but is also a great story for teaching the consequences of disobedience, lies, and deceit.

The template comes with big patterns, which are great for little hands to color. Moreover the kids can play with this spinner wheel craft once they are done with their coloring.

You have the option to print one wheel per page (bigger wheels) or two wheels per page (smaller wheels).


Adam and Eve spinner craft

Adam and Eve coloring craft - bible craft for kids

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How to make the Adam and Eve wheel craft

Start by printing the story wheel and cover on white cardstock paper.

color the cover

Color the story wheel  and cut it out.

color the wheel

Color the cover and cut it out.

make a hole in the cover

Use a hole punch to make a hole in the middle of the cover. (where marked)

make a hole in the wheel

Use a pencil to make a hole in the middle of the story wheel. (where marked)

attach the two wheels together

Attach the story wheel and cover together with a paper fastener.

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