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Baby Moses Interactive Craft

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Learn the story of baby Moses while putting together this easy-to-make craft! This baby Moses interactive craft will be a hit in your Sunday School class.

baby Moses interactive craft for kids

Baby Moses was always in God’s care. When the Egyptian Pharaoh sought to kill all the Israelite baby boys, God had a very special plan for Moses. This craft looks at the well-known scene of baby Moses afloat in a woven basket and serves as a reminder to the children that even as a baby in a basket floating in a river, God is in control and will take care of them. 

paper plate baby Moses interactive craft

Children will have fun starting to learn about Moses as a baby through this interactive craft.  The baby Moses craft works well with kids of all ages, from preschoolers to older kids.

paper plate baby Moses interactive craft for kids

This is a super affordable craft that only requires a few supplies that you may already have in your household.

baby Moses interactive craft for Sunday School

Moreover, kids can play with the craft once they are done creating it. The basket with baby Moses is glued to a craft stick and there is a slit in the paper plate. Kids can move the basket from one side of the paper plate to the other.

Baby Moses craft for Sunday School

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Baby Moses interactive craft

easy baby Moses interactive craft

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Step by step instructions

Start by painting half of a paper plate light blue and the other half blue. Set the paper plate aside to dry out completely.

painted paper plate

Use a craft knife to make a slit in the middle of the paper plate, between the two shades of blue. (This step is to be done only by an adult).

cut a slit in the middle of the paper plate

Glue the grass on the paper plate, above the slit.

glue on the grass

Glue the body and basket together.

body and basket glued together

Add the head onto the body.

glue the head

Glue the basket at the top of a blue craft stick.

glue the basket onto a craft stick

Slide the craft stick through the slit in the paper plate and make the basket “float”.

Sharing is caring!