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Paper Plate Snail Craft

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Snail crafts are great for spring and this paper plate snail craft is very easy to make. Kids as young as preschoolers will enjoy making one. They can use any colors they want form the paint color for the shell to the paper color the body is made from.

paper plate snail craft

This is our second snail craft, the first one is made entirely from paper. But we love paper plate crafts and try to incorporate paper plates into our crafts whenever we get a chance. A paper plate has the perfect shape to be make a snail’s shell.

paper plate snail craft for kids

This snail is a great addition to our bugs and insects craft collection. Throughout the years we have created several bees, ladybugs and butterflies. Now I realize there is no dragonfly. Hmm, we should fix that.

Painting, cutting and gluing – these are the main steps that kids will have to follow when creating this paper plate snail craft. We love easy crafts (check out our collection of 200+ easy crafts for kids) and this one is no exception.

paper plate snail craft for preschool

We tried to use simple supplies that you already have in your household. For instance, we replaced googly eyes, that we would usually used for such a craft, with eyes made from paper. Our snail has big cute eyes but you can make yours smaller if you like. This craft leaves a lot of room to creativity, from the size of the eyes to the colors, kids will use to make their snail.

When painting the paper plate, feel free to use the classical paint brush. Or replace it with a foam paint brush. Try pom pom or fingerprint painting with toddlers – as they will love it. Use one or several paint colors.

Paper plate snail craft

easy snail craft

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  1. Paper plate
  2. Craft paint
  3. Craft paper (colored and white)
  4. Black marker
  5. Pencil
  6. Glue


  1. Scissors
  2. Paint brush
  3. Ruler
  4. Small round container or cup

How to make a paper plate snail craft

Start by painting the paper plate and set it aside to dry completely.


In the meantime, use a pencil to draw the snail’s body onto colored craft paper. If you’re using a regular size paper plate, you will need a 12”X12” size paper so the body is big enough to match the size of its shell. If you’re using a small paper plate, you can use an 8.50”X11” size craft paper.

Cut out the snail’s body.


Use a small container or cup to draw two circles on white paper and cut them out. Use a black marker to draw the pupils inside the white circles.

paper plate

Turn the paper plate facedown and use the ruler and pencil to draw a straight line at the bottom of your paper plate. Cut out along the line.


Use a black marker to draw a spiral onto the paper plate.

glue the two together

Glue the paper plate onto the body.

eyes on body

Glue the two eyes onto the body.

Use the black marker to draw a smile.

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