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Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft for Kids

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Although scarecrows started out as a way for farmers to keep crows and other birds away from their harvest, nowadays they are a fun fall decoration for our gardens. You can admire them at scarecrow festivals all over the world or you can build one yourself for your own backyard. If you don’t feel like making a real scarecrow, you can opt for a mini scarecrow made out of paper roll.

paper roll scarecrow craft for kids

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Make your own paper roll scarecrow

Materials: paper roll, felt (you can also use construction paper or card stock), googly eyes, crinkle paper, black marker, glue

paper roll scarecrow craft for kids

Step 1: Cut a strip from felt or construction paper and glue it at the bottom of the paper roll.

Step 2: Glue crinkle paper at the top of the paper roll. You can also staple it.

Step 3: Cut a ring out of felt, construction paper or foam and slide it down the top part.

Step 4: Cut out a strip of matching felt and glue it to the top to complete the hat.

Step 5: Add googly eyes, nose made from felt and draw the mouth.

Paper roll scarecrow craft for kids. An easy fall craft that uses recyclable items. | at Non Toy Gifts

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