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Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

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What do you do with the plastic Easter eggs once Easter is behind us? Do you recycle them? Do you keep them for the next year? Here is a way to make recycled Easter egg flowers that you can use to decorate your home with. These plastic Easter egg flowers are so adorable that you will want to use them not only for Easter.

Plastic Easter egg flowers craft

If you don’t have any leftover plastic Easter eggs, I’m sure you will want to go to a dollar store and get some because these flowers are just amazing. It’s a great Easter craft idea not only for kids but also for adults. (For more Easter ideas for kids check out our Easter craft collection)

Plastic Easter egg flowers

Use the flowers as a holiday table centerpiece or to decorate for Easter. You can also fill them up with small candy or jelly bins.

Plastic Easter egg flower bouquet

I’ve seen many plastic Easter egg flowers online and wanted to give them a try. But I also wanted to put a spin to the ones made with just the eggs and pipe cleaners. So we added petals to each flower.

Plastic Easter egg flower craft for kids and adults

While we matched the petals with the egg, you can use any color for the petals. Use just one color for all the petals or mix colors up. It’s really up to you and to what colored paper you have at hand.

DIY Easter deoration

You can also add leaves to the pipe cleaners. We didn’t because we gathered all the flowers in a bouquet and placed them in a little flower pot.

Plastic Easter egg flowers

DIY plastic Easter egg flowers

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DIY plastic Easter egg flowers craft

How to make plastic Easter egg flowers

NOTE: Look for Easter eggs that have holes at the bottom. Not all of them have.

Open an egg and thread a pipe cleaner through one of the two holes at the bottom.

Thread the pipe cleaner back outside through the second hole at the bottom of the egg.

pipe cleaner

Close the egg back.

Pull the two ends of the pipe cleaner to make sure they are even.

Twist the two pipe cleaner ends together. You have now the stem.


Print the petal template (find it at the end of the article) on colored paper. If you want several colors, cut out one petal and trace it on paper of different colors.

Each flower needs four petals.

Glue the petals at the bottom of each flower, next to the stem.

We had a wooden flower pot that I filled with a few small balls (you can also use plastic Easter eggs), placed the flower bouquet in the middle of the pot and covered the balls with tissue paper.

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