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Snail on Mushroom Craft

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With today’s craft we’re combining two spring symbols: snails and mushrooms to create a snail on mushroom craft. We have created snail crafts and mushroom crafts before. You can find them all in our spring collection.

Snail on mushroom craft for kids

This craft makes me happy. It may be the red mushroom or the snail’s smile – I don’t know for sure but it just does. Or maybe it’s the idea of spring, with plants and insects coming back to life.

The idea of this snail on mushroom craft come from the color and craft insects I shared not long ago. I will also have another snail later next week – a big one, perfect for preschoolers who need to work on their scissors cutting skills.

Spring snail on mushroom craft

Snail on mushroom craft


  • Snail on mushroom template
  • Cardstock paper: white, red, green and brown
  • Black cardstock paper for background
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
snail craft for kids

How to make the snail craft

Before I start sharing how to make the craft, I have to let you know that the template comes also with a coloring page of a snail on a mushroom.

Print the craft patterns on cardstock paper. The colors are mentioned on each page.

mushroom stem

Start by gluing the mushroom stem at the bottom of a black paper.

mushroom cap

Glue the red mushroom cap at the top of the stem.

white spots

Use a hole punch to make white paper confetti and glue them onto the mushroom cap.

snail's foot

Glue the snail’s foot onto the mushroom.

snail's shell

Glue the shell to the top of the snail’s foot.

Sharing is caring!