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Insects Color and Craft

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This insects color and craft combines two activities kids love: coloring and crafting. Great to make it anytime but especially during spring or for an insects and bugs unit. The insects included are a butterfly, a ladybug, a bee and a snail. OK, I know the snail isn’t actually an insect, it’s a mollusk but because it is a spring symbol I wanted it together with the other three.

Insects color and craft for kids

First time I created a color and craft activity was for an indoor playground in the Twin Cities. It’s the only one that has an art room and I went there a couple of times to craft with little ones. I made a 3D butterfly craft that kids could color and decorate before gluing in the 3D wings.

Last year I wrote two books: “Paper Crafts for Kids” and “The Awesome Paper Airplane Book for Kids” and they both include crafts or paper planes that kids can color before crafting. I really like this idea because it gives little ones the opportunity to personalize their crafts with different colors and at the same time helps them in so many ways.

Insects color and craft: butterfly

Why is coloring, scissors cutting and gluing important for kids?

  • It helps with fine motor skills and this will influence their handwriting ability.
  • It stimulates their creativity and fuels their imagination.
  • It improves eye hand coordination.
  • It helps with focus.
  • It encourages kids to express themselves through art.

Insects color and craft

Insects color and craft for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids


How to make the insects color and craft

Print the insect bodies (the first 4 pages of the insects color and craft template) on white cardstock paper.

Use colored pencils or markers to color the bodies.

snail's foot

Cut out the wings (butterfly has 4 wings, dragonfly has 4 wings and bee has 2 wings) and the shell for the snail.

Glue the wings on both sides of the body and the shell onto the snail’s body.

snail's shell

TIP: For the butterfly, start with gluing the lower wings at the bottom of the top body part (the one under the head). – watch the video for details

Sharing is caring!