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The Easter Story Headband

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If you’re looking for an easy, step-by-step craft that explains the Easter story – the Easter story headband is a perfect choice! This paper hat takes you through Passion week–from Christ’s triumphant entry on the donkey to the resurrection–this is a wonderful learning opportunity for your kiddos.

The Easter story headband craft for kids

Start by coloring each circle. As your child colors the donkey, talk about Jesus entering the city. The crowds praised Jesus and cheered for him. You can read more about this in Matthew 21.

Next, the bread and the cup symbolize The Last Supper. Describe how Jesus told his disciples that he would die, and that the bread and wine represent his life given for them. You can turn to Matthew 26 to read this communion passage.

an easy coloring The Easter story headband

The three crosses provide a great opportunity to discuss Jesus’ death. Try to simply state why he came to die–he loved each of us and came to save us from our sins!


The circle with the tomb can be a place to discuss Jesus’ death and resurrection. Talk about how Christ was dead for three days, but on the third day–he rose again! Considering reading from Luke 24:1-12 to go more in-depth on this portion of the Easter story.

Easter story craft for kids

The last circle represents Christ’s ascension and return. Jesus left the earth by ascending into the clouds, and he will return the same way! Explain to your child that Jesus may not be on earth right now, but he is coming back someday.


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After all the circles have been colored, it’s time to finish coloring the headband. You can read the “He is Risen” portion and explain to your child that this means Jesus is alive!

coloring Easter craft

Now cut out the circles and glue them onto the template in chronological order. This is a great time to allow your child to grow their fine motor skills. Cutting and gluing are excellent ways to increase dexterity, especially for preschoolers. Next, tape the coloring crown together.

simple religious Easter headband

The Easter story headband is a great craft for the Easter season, and any time you want to teach on Passion week. This can be a quick activity or expanded to take up an entire Sunday school session–depending on Bible reading and discussion. It’s sure to be a helpful visual aid when discussing this important teaching, and bonus–there’s no prep work involved!

The Easter Story Headband

The Easter story paper hat

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Step by step instructions

Print the headband on white paper.

color the headband and circles

Color  the front of the headband  and the five scenes of the Easter story.

Glue the scenes on the front of the headband.

glue the circles

Tape two paper strips to the front strip. Use the third if necessary.

tape the sides to the front piece

Bend the paper strip into a circle. Wrap the band around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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