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Valentine Bear Craft

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A fun and easy paper Valentine bear craft for kids to make for Valentine’s Day. Use the bear craft printable at home or in the classroom.

This cute Valentine bear craft will make you say : “I love you beary much!”.

You can use the template available to make either a brown bear or a polar bear.

We still have plenty of snow here in Minnesota so when I think of bears, my mind takes me to polar bears, but you can chose to make a brown bear. Either way, your bear will be a cutie.

Valentine bear craft for kids. Easy paper Valentine's Day heart bear craft for preschoolers and older kids. #heartbear #bearcraft #valentine #nontoygifts

Our heart bear will join the rest of the polar bears but it will also be a nice addition to our Valentine crafts.

If your kids are working on their scissors cutting skills, this craft will be of good help. It’s all about cutting and gluing. This makes it a great classroom Valentine craft and also a fun home craft to make with mom or dad.

Easy Valentine's Day bear craft for kids

Glue the heart anywhere on the paper, on the bear or above its head. And if your kid is willing to also practice his/her writing, add the “I love your beary much!”.

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Valentine bear craft

Heart bear craft for kids


  • Valentine bear template
  • colored paper: white and gray (for polar bear) or brown and light brown  ( for brown bear)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black marker

How to make a Valentine bear craft

The Valentine bear template comes with two versions:

-Option 1: – print the template directly on colored paper and cut out.

-Option 2: – trace the patterns on colored paper and cut out.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.

Step by step instructions

Print the template and cut out the patterns.

Bear template

To make the Valentine bear craft, you will need:

-polar bear : 1 white body, 2 gray ear details, 1 gray muzzle, 1 gray tummy, 1 black nose and 1 red heart.

– brown bear: 1 brown body, 2 light brown ear details, 1 light brown muzzle, 1 light brown tummy, 1 black nose and 1 red heart.

Bear body

Start by gluing the body at the bottom of a card stock paper.

Bear ears

Add the ear details, one for each ear.

Bear muzzle

Glue the muzzle onto the body.

Bear tummy

The tummy goes at the bottom of the body, right in the middle.

Bear nose

Add the nose in the middle of the muzzle.

Bear eyes

Use a black marker to draw two small eyes and the mouth.

Bear with heart

Glue the heart on the card stock paper, above the bear.

Add the nose in the middle of the muzzle.

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