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Apple Painted Flowerpot

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These apple painted flowerpot gifts are easy to make and teachers will love them. I made mine as an end of the schoolyear present but they can also great for teacher appreciation week. It’s just that in our school they changed the rule a couple of years ago. Now for teacher appreciation week, parents can donate money and gift cards. They are shared between teachers and the rest of the school stuff.

Apple painted flowerpot gift for teachers

If you are like me and want to create a little handmade teacher gift that you or your kids can make, this apple painted flowerpot may be the answer. Add a card like this superhero teacher card, and a gift card, and you’re set.

Apple painted flowerpot for teachers appreciation week

It’s an afternoon project – I like handmade gifts that don’t take long to make.

Apple painted flowerpot gift

Apple painted flowerpot gift

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 handmade gift for teachers

How to make an apple painted flowerpot gift

Start by tracing the apple with a pencil on the clay pot.

Use craft paint to paint the apple, the stem and the leaf.

Wait for the paint to dry out completely and then paint the rest of the clay pot.

We used two colors for the terracota pot because we wanted the rim to be a different color. Then, I dipped the pencil end into paint and made polka dots onto the rim.

Once the paint has dried out, you can use a black marker to outline the apple.

If you want to use a sealer at the end, then skip outlining with a black marker because the marker will start dripping when in contact with the sealer like in the image below.

apple flowerpot

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