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3D Heart Flowers

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We made these 3D heart flowers with Mother’s Day in mind. They look so pretty and make a perfect craft for mom or grandma. But of course, they would be great for any other occasion, like Valentine’s Day or for mom’s birthday.

3D heart flowers

You will only need paper, yarn, wooden craft sticks and a paper roll to make these flowers. We love simple crafts and for more ideas you can check out our collection of 200+ easy crafts for kids.

The hearts can be replaced with paper flowers but I think the hearts look very beautiful and the 3D effect is so nice. We made our hearts pink, but red would look awesome too.

3d heart flowers craft

What a nice addition to this collection of 50+ flower crafts!

3d heart flowers craft for mother's day

Add a little card (15 Mother’s Day handprint cards or 16 Mother’s Day flower cards) and the 3D heart flowers will be a perfect gift kids can make for mom or grandma.

We love paper roll crafts because with just a little paint you can turn them into anything, from a Father’s Day craft to a panda family.

3d heart flowers kids can make for mom

3D heart flowers

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3d flowers craft

How to make 3D heart flowers

Start by painting a paper roll and craft sticks green. You can also start with green wooden craft sticks like we did.

Cut out 12 same size hearts from pink or red paper. You will need three hearts to make one 3D heart.

Fold all the heart shapes in half. Apply glue to one of the folded halves of a heart. Attach another folded heart onto the first and align them together. Do the same with the third heart. You have now one of the four 3D hearts. Repeat to make the other three 3D hearts.

3d hearts

Glue a 3D heart at the top of each craft stick.

hearts on sticks

Glue the craft sticks onto the paper roll.

sticks on paper roll

Use yarn to wrap around the paper roll and tie it up with a bow.

paper roll wrapped with yarn

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