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50+ Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

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A beautiful collection of simple flower crafts for kids to make on a spring day, for “April showers bring May flowers” or for Mother’s Day.

Flower crafts for kids to make this spring or for Mother's Day

Spring is the perfect time to start crafting flowers. So here I put together a fun list of flower crafts for kids.

There are so many wonderful tulips, roses, sunflowers or just simple flowers created by many talented kids alone or with help from their crafty parents and I had a hard time selecting only some of them for my roundup.

Flower crafts for kids 2

Great for making in the classroom and display on a spring bulletin board or at home as a gift for mom and grandma for Mother’s Day, these flowers use different techniques and a large variety of crafting materials.

Recycle those paper rolls and egg cartons, use the left over cupcake liners, experiment with coffee filters and colors, paint, cut, glue and make some stunning flowers today.

Flower crafts for kids

Paper plate flower craft

Flowers in the garden – This is a fun and creative activity that allows kids to create beautiful flowers on a paper plate garden.

Paper hyacinths – A delightful project where kids can create stunning flowers using colorful paper.

Paper roll flower art – Recycle paper rolls into painting tools and create colorful flowers.

3D paper tulips – A wonderful activity that lets kids make vibrant tulip flowers using paper and their artistic skills.

Fingerprint flower bouquet – A charming and personalized project that allows kids to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers using their own fingerprints as petals.

Paper towel roses – A creative and resourceful activity where kids can transform ordinary paper towels into stunning and realistic roses.

Tissue paper flowers – A colorful activity it creates vibrant flowers using tissue paper and paper rolls.

Flower gift bags – A lovely and thoughtful craft that allows kids to decorate and personalize gift bags with beautiful paper flowers, making each gift even more special and unique.

3D paper flower spring craft

3D paper flower – An engaging and artistic activity that allows kids to create stunning three-dimensional flowers using paper scissors and the available template.

Leaf sunflowers – A nature inspired project where kids can use leaves to create beautiful sunflower shapes, showcasing the beauty of the outdoors in their artistic crafts.

3D paper flower bouquets – An imaginative and visually appealing activity that allows kids to create a stunning bouquet of three-dimensional paper flowers, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any space.

Accordion paper flowers – Kids can create a variety of beautiful flowers by folding paper in an accordion style, helping with fine motor skills.

Paper flower garden – A great flower craft to use paper scraps on a recycled cardboard background.

Rainbow flowers – Create colorful flowers using various shades of construction paper cut into circles and folded in half.

Cupcake liner flowers – A fun and easy craft for preschoolers to turn ordinary cupcake liners into beautiful and unique flowers.

Recycled giant flower – What a fun recycled craft for kids!

Paper plate flowers – Use tissue paper and paper plate to make colorful flowers.

Yarn and paper plate flowers – Such a simple craft for preschoolers that makes use of yarn, craft sticks, paper plates and buttons.

Paper roll flowers – Upcycled craft for kids that uses paper rolls and paper.

Paper straw flowers – Paper straws make great flower stems for heart flowers.

Chromatography flowers – A craft that combines science with creativity.

Recycled newspaper flowers – Don’t throw away newspapers, once you’re done reading them. Paint, cut and turn them into beautiful flowers.

Plastic spoon flowers – An amazing spring craft for kids that turns plastic spoons into adorable flowers.

Paper straw tulips – Another project that uses paper straws and accordion folded paper.

Paper plate flowers – A simple flower craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Paper strip flowers – A simple yet creative craft that transforms strips of paper into vibrant and textured flowers.

Cork stamped flowers – A fun activity where kids can you use the end of a cork to create petals of beautiful flowers.

Q-tip daisy – Create adorable daisy flowers using Q-tips. A craft that encourages fine motor skills and provides a fun way to explore nature through art.

Fruit loop flowers – Sometimes it is a good idea to play with your food, if the result is a beautiful flower craft.

Flower crown – Celebrate the arrival of spring with a stunning flower crown craft.

Egg carton flowers – A creative and eco-friendly craft for kids to upcycle egg cartoons into colorful and unique flowers.

Dot flowers – An engaging activity for kids to create vibrant flowers using dotting technique, fostering their creativity and femoral skills in a playful and artistic way.

Water bottle flowers – A recycled craft to turn water bottle bottoms into colorful flowers.

Tissue paper flowers – Great for fine motor skills, this craft is made with tissue paper and paper plates.

Tissue paper sunflower – Create stunning sunflowers using tissue paper and bring a touch of sunshine and nature indoors.

Spoon flowers – Spoons and cups come together to create beautiful flowers.

Paper plate flowers – A fun flower craft for toddlers.

Paper plate flowers – Stunning flowers created with just paper plates and paint.

Yarn wrapped tulips – A simple flower craft that promotes fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Easy sunflower craft

Paper plate sunflower – Use a pencil to create the middle of the sunflower.

Handprint flower bouquet – A lovely flower bouquet personalized with the kids handprints.

Fork painted dandelions – Have you ever used forks for painting?

Tissue paper flowers – Make sure to use the printable template to create these flowers.

Flower suncatcher – Brighten up your day with colorful flower suncatchers.

Egg carton flower pins – These pins make a great handmade gift kids can make.

Egg carton bluebells – What a fun way to recycle egg cartons!

Egg carton flower crown – Beautiful flower crowns to make in the classroom or at home.

Cupcake liner flowers – A bouquet of flowers made with cupcake liners can make a fun DIY gift from kids.

Recycled egg carton flowers – What a gorgeous flower bouquet!

Paper tulips – Ready to learn origami and how to turn paper into tulips?

Hyacinth flowers – Dip a water bottle lid into paint and print these hyacinth flowers on paper.

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