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DIY Fingerprint Shamrock Mug for St Patrick’s Day

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This fingerprint shamrock mug and the heart MOM mug my preschooler made last year are my favorite mugs. They are awesome keepsake craft ideas to use with kids of all ages. They always put a smile on my face when I take them out of the kitchen cabinet.  Both mugs have been used pretty often by both my husband and me and I’m so happy that we made a good paint choice as the mugs still have the original design on them. The paint hasn’t peel off despite the fact the mugs have been always washed  in the dishwasher.

DIY fingerprint shamrock mug for kids to make for St Patrick's Day as a simple craft and a cool keepsake.

Fingerprint shamrock mug

Fingerprint shamrock mug for kids to make
St Patrick's Day mug

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Shamrock on contact paper

Step 1: Use a pencil to draw a shamrock on the contact paper. Cut the design put with the help of a craft knife. Peel off the white paper on the back and stick the contact paper on the mug.

Shamrock stencil

Step 2: Let your child fill the shamrock in with his fingerprints. You want to make sure they don’t use too much paint so it doesn’t drip down.

Fingerprint shamrock mug

Step 3: Remove the stencil and let the paint dry. (TIP: Peel off the stencil right away after your child’s done with the fingerprints. If you wait for the paint to dry first and then peel off the stencil, the paint will stick to the stencil and the painted shamrock may come off too.)

Fingerprint shamrock mug collage

Step 4: Underline the shamrock with a black porcelain marker. You can also add the name of your child or the year.


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