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Paper Roll Flower Art

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The recycling bin can be a treasure when it comes to crafting. All those paper rolls, cardboard boxes or plastic cups make great craft supplies and there are so many things you can use them for. Take this paper roll flower art. It’s an easy way to create some awesome artwork with the help of a paper roll.

Paper roll flower art for preschoolers and older kids

We love paper roll crafts. We turned so many paper rolls into bees, mushrooms or windsocks.

This time, we’re not making a craft, though. We’re using a paper roll for an art project.

So the paper roll will be a tool instead of the main craft supply.

With just some paint and colored paper and of course a paper roll, we can make some adorable flowers.

We chose ours to be rainbow colors but you can make yours just one color.

It depends on your child’s age and how much patience they have for this artwork project.

Easy paper roll flower art

If you’re crafting with toddlers or preschoolers, I would suggest making one color flowers. Squirt paint onto a paper plate and have your kid dip the paper roll into paint.

Because we wanted our flowers to have petals of different colors, we painted each paper roll petal and then pressed the paper roll onto paper.

This is an option for older kids who have the patience to deal with each petal individually.

Paper roll flower art for kids

Paper roll flower art

Paper roll printed flower

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How to make a paper roll flower art

Make several slits around one end of a paper roll. Make sure that all the petals are about the same size. Bend the petals over.

We used decorative edge scissors but a regular scissors will also work great.

rainbow painted flower

Paint each petal into a rainbow color and press the paper roll onto a white paper to make flowers.

(For younger kids you can squirt just one color paint onto a paper plate and have them dip the paper roll into paint).

press paper rolls on paper
flower circle

Use a circle punch to make circles out of colored paper. These circles will go in the middle of the flowers, once the paint is dried.

stem and leaves

With the help of a green marker or pencil, draw the stems and leaves.


Cut small strips from green paper and glue them at the bottom of the white paper. This will be the grass. We used again our decorative edge scissors to cut the grass. It gives it a fun look.

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