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Paper Cup Bee Windsocks Craft

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This paper cup bee windsocks craft makes a nice spring or summer decoration to hang in your backyard, house or classroom. It is also an easy craft idea for kids.

paper cup bee windsocks craft

The way I come up with craft ideas for my boys has shifted these days. Because of the lockdown situation, I’m not able to go to a craft store anymore. Not long ago, I would have thought of a craft idea and then, in case I didn’t have all the supplies, I would have hopped in the car and drive to a craft store. Now, I start by going downstairs, in the basement, where my craft room is, look at all the supplies I still have and go from there.

Paper cup bee windsocks

If you don’t have all the supplies for this paper cup bee windsocks craft, here are some variations:

  • Use a paper roll instead of a paper cup
  • We started with a yellow paper cup but you can use a white paper cup and paint it yellow and black
  • You can use black pom poms or black paper for the bee stripes. Or wrap up black yarn around your paper cup
  • Draw the bee’s eyes, if you don’t have googly eyes
  • Use yellow and / or black yarn instead of crepe paper streamers
Paper cup bee windsocks for kids to make this spring

We love bee crafts as well as windsocks and combining the two seemed like a great idea. You can find our bee windsocks hung in the backyard. We need colorful projects and nice decorations these days more than ever. And we definitely have more time to make them.

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Paper cup bee windsocks craft

bee windsocks

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How to make a paper cup bee windsocks craft

bee windsocks craft

Start by making black stripes on a yellow paper cup. You can use black paint, a black marker or strips of black paper. The cups we used had a rather glossy finish and it was hard to paint them. I had to apply two layers of paint but my oldest used a black sharpie and my youngest black paper.

yellow cup with black stripes

Glue two googly eyes at the top of the cup and use a black marker to draw a smile.

googly eyes

Draw two wings on white paper or foam and cut them out. We used foam because we want our bees to survive rain outside. Glue the wings to the back of the cup, one on each side of the bee.


Cut 8 pieces of the crepe streamer of the same length. We used two colors: yellow and black. Four of them are yellow and the other four black. Glue the streamer at the bottom of the paper cup, on the inside. We glued first the yellow streamers, followed by the black ones.


Use a pencil to punch two holes at the top of the paper cup, one on each side of the bee. The holes should be across from one another so you could see through them.


Thread a yarn strand through the holes and tie the two ends together.

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