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Best 10 DIY Detective Kits for Kids

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The FBI website is the last place I expected to find games for kids. There aren’t just any kind of games, though. They offer an insight to the special agents’ lives and are paired with interesting and intriguing aspects of their work.

What goes along perfectly with the games on the FBI children’s page is a good detective kit.

Every little special agent needs a few detective supplies that will help him solve even the most difficult cases. Here are some you can include in your kit:

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Use any of the items listed above to put together a detective kit that will lead to hours of fun clue solving for your kids. Need some inspiration? Take a look at the…


Many of the supplies in these kits come from the local dollar store which helps keep the cost low. You may even have some items already at home. Also keep an open mind for anything that can be repurposed.

1.Better Than Eden 

2. Inner Child Fun

3. Make the Best of Everything

4. East Coast Mommy

5. The Princess and Her Cowboys 

6. Coupons Are Great

7. Our Family Blog

8. Let’s Explore

9. Midlife Army Wife

10. Anders Ruff

What else would you include in your detective kit?

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