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Kid Made Valentine Decoration

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I was waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, my two small kids sitting quietly in the cart. This doesn’t happen too often. When our turn came, I heard my oldest say Merry Christmas! I looked at him and saw the corner of his mouth going up in a proud little smile. Same smile as when he says Thank you! without being asked. Merry Christmas! replied the checkout employee.

This happened last week, in January.

My family is big into celebrating Christmas so saying goodbye to our favorite holiday is hard . The boys started asking for snow and Santa in July. I obviously didn’t expect their holiday memories to vanish in January. Still it makes me smile to hear holiday wishes coming out of their mouths.

Once the Christmas tree and decorations made their way out of the house, Valentine hearts started taking over. I’m in the process of creating about 70 Valentines (actually only the heart bags, as the valentines are store bought) and we were busy with a Valentine craft this past weekend. The boys and I painted Valentine hearts made from cardboard. This craft is a nice way of using scrap cardboard and the outcome can be used as decoration. A kid made Valentine decoration to proudly display over the fireplace.

Kid Made Valentin Hearts made from cardboard. This isn't only a fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers but the outcome can be used as a Valentine decoration. Colorful cardboard craft for kids.

Kid made Valentine decoration: a step-by-step tutorial

This simple cardboard craft for kids starts with an empty box.

  1. Cut out two or more heart shapes. This step requires a parent as cardboard is a sturdy material and pretty challenging to cut. You can also use thin cardboard, like a cereal box.
  2. Cut the hearts into stripes. This makes it easy for smaller kids to paint. My boys are too little to paint within lines.
  3. Paint each stripe into a different color.
  4. Put the pieces back together and glue them at the back with the use of a bbq stick. I left a small gap between pieces and I think it looks better this way, but this is just my opinion.
Make a Valentine heart from a cardboard box. It is a fun Valentine craft for kids.

This are the hearts that my preschoolers made:

A simple and fun Valentine craft for preschoolers. Make a heart and paint it. Homeschool or classroom Valentine activity. The outcome of this craft is a kid made Valentine decoration. Fun!

and this is mine:

Simple DIY upcycled Valentine decoration made from a cardboard box.

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Christina @There's Just One Mommy

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

These are so pretty! I love the bright colors. And, I love that the cashier went right on and said Merry Christmas back.

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