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Carrot Family Craft

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With spring just around the corner, let’s try a vegetable craft today! We’ll make a carrot family craft for preschoolers and older kids. Because a carrot craft is fun but a carrot family is fantastic.

Carrot family craft for kids

Big eyes, happy smiles, some nice accessories and our carrot family will brighten up your day. Just look at them! Don’t they all look adorable?

Carrot family craft for spring

We are big fans of spring garden crafts. Our paper plate veggie garden is widely popular among our readers. And we have also created a garden dedicated exclusively to carrots. While these two crafts are made with paper plates, our craft today only uses paper.

Carrot craft

It comes with a template to be used at home with your kids or at school, if you are a teacher. Kids will get a chance to practice their fine motor skills and work on their scissors cutting. The baby carrot eyes may be a bit too tiny for little hands to cut, and you can replace them with googly eyes.

Garden carrot craft

Feel free to pair this carrot craft with a vegetable activity. What are root veggies, where they grow, where do other veggies grow, why carrots make a god snack – just a few question ideas for little ones. You can also use this craft for math purposes: which carrot is smaller, which are bigger, count how many carrots there are.

Carrot family craft

Spring garden carrot craft

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HOW TO MAKE THE carrot family CRAFT

The Carrot Family template comes with two versions:

1. home template – cut out the patterns and trace them on corresponding paper.

2. classroom template – print the patterns directly on colored paper and cut them out.

This way you can easily craft with just one or two kids as well as with a classroom full of students.


Print the home template, cut out the carrot and leaf patterns. Trace the carrot pattern on orange paper and the leaf pattern on green paper. Use the eyes, hair bow and bow tie as is.

To make  the carrot family you will need 1 big carrot, 1 big leaf, 1 pair of big eyes and 1 hair bow for mom carrot; 1 big carrot, 1 big leaf, 1 pair of big eyes and 1 bow tie for dad carrot and 1 small carrot, 1 small leaf and 1 pair of small eyes for kid carrot.

Start by gluing the eyes onto the carrots.


Glue the leaves to the back of the carrots.


Add the hair bow to mom carrot and the bow tie to dad carrot.


Tear strips of brown paper and glue them at the bottom of a light blue cardstock paper.


Cut out the excess brown paper.

cut excess paper

Glue the carrot family onto the blue paper.

carrots in dirt


Print the classroom template on corresponding colored paper. The carrots are printed on orange paper, the leaves on green paper and the rest of the patterns (eyes, bow tie and hair bow) on white paper.

Follow the same steps as for home crafting.

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