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Cooking with kids: kid-friendly kitchen tools

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Cooking with kids may slow things down but it establishes an important life skill for which your children will thank you some day. There are times when you look forward to your little one helping you cut the cheese or crack the eggs but other times you hurry to the kitchen to make dinner on time only to find your sous-chef armed with the spatula and a big smile eager to get her hands busy. How can you say no? I mean, really! How? If you know a way to say no without unleashing tears or anger, please share! To make your life easier you may consider equipping your kitchen with some kid-friendly tools. The colorful kitchen gadgets listed below are easy and safe to handle by children and will keep the mess to minimum.

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My grandma was the one to introduced me to cooking. Now, that I have kids of my own, I understand why there were times when she would wake up really early in the morning to take advantage of a kid-free kitchen. This happened only before the holidays, when the workload was considerably higher, the rest of the time she was always happy to have me around. I wasn’t aware back then that cooking took longer when I was around. It looked like a fun activity to me!

As a kid, I enjoyed cutting ingredients for salads, making homemade mayonnaise, grinding meat but most of all baking. If you read my post about cooking with kids around the world, where 14 moms on 3 continents share their kitchen experiences, you’ll see that I was no exception : children usually prefer baking over cooking. I’m sure your kids are the same. Particularly young kids love to pour and mix ingredients. That’s why I decide to start the list of kid-friendly kitchen tools with a few bake-related gadgets.

 Rolling pin

Ever since helping me with the ginger cookies last Christmas my son loves rolling out dough. He uses my rolling pin but a small one, like the one above, would work better for his little hands.If you consider getting one for playdough, you may want to choose a non stick rolling pin because the playdough will get stuck to the wooden rolling pin.

 Mixing Bowl

How many times, when your child helps you mix ingredients, part of them make it out of the bowl and onto the table or even on the floor? All the time, in my case. This mixing bowl has not only a non-skid bottom but it also comes with a snap-on cover and removable cap. How clever is that?

Measuring Spoons

Before getting to the mixing part we need to do some measuring to know exactly how much goes into the bowl. This set of five colorful and cheerful spoons will help your little one do the job. What is great about this is that, if you let your little chef do the measuring alone , you can just tell her what color spoon to use instead of pointing to the appropriate spoon each time. It’s always the little things that make the difference!

 Monkey Peeler

All done with baking, and let’s move on to the cooking gadgets. Who would have thought that having a monkey in your kitchen is a good thing? It will not only make your children (and yourself) smile with its bright orange color and hands up position, but this monkey also does a great job, as the its body is a good way to get a firm grip of the peeler.

Gater Grater

I know I’m on the slippery slope to suggesting you to have a ZOO in your kitchen but this alligator-shaped grater is too cute to leave out of my list of kid-safe kitchen tools. I didn’t select it only for its looks but also for its features: non-skid feet that keep it steady while grating; handle-tail permits ergonomic and angled grating option.

Turtle Cutting Board

Another animal-shaped gadget from Boston Warehouse, this time a cute little turtle. Perfect for little chefs.

 Tomato Cutting Board

An alternative to the turtle cutting board in case you prefer veggies and fruits. This one is a tomato, but you can have plenty of other choices: lemon, watermelon, orange, even eggplant. They all come in cheerful colors and are sturdy and will not slide or move during use, thanks to the non- slip green outline.

Knife Set

I got this set of 3 knifes for my son a while back and whenever he wants to help me cut he asks for his knife (I only give him the little one). It is recommended for kids age 5+ but smaller kids can also use them with supervision (my oldest is 3 and a half).

Personalized Kid Apron

If you want your child to dress the part or if you consider buying a few kid-friendly kitchen tools as a gift, you may also want to add a personalized apron. It comes in five colors, from pink to blue.

Kid Chef Hat

Last item on the list: kid chef hat. A great final touch at an amazing price! It comes in white or black (though the black one is pricier).

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Jaclyn Kent

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

Aww how fun!! My son loves to help in the kitchen, with dishes and cooking and more! These are adorable!

Lou Lou Girls

Friday 3rd of April 2015

Great collection. Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for being a part of our party. I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. Happy Easter! Lou Lou Girls


Thursday 2nd of April 2015

What cute gadgets, it is so fun cooking with kids!


Thursday 2nd of April 2015

So many cute tools! Love these!

Elizabeth Home of "Tuesday Talk" and "Pincrazy Thursday"

Natasha @ Anxious Toddlers

Monday 30th of March 2015

These products are so fun! It is great to get those little picky eaters helping in the kitchen!!

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