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25 Easter Science Experiments for Kids

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Easter can be more than egg hunting and candy eating. It can be fun science experiments for and parents to enjoy together.

Easter Science experiments for kids. Egg experiments , carrot and candy experiments for preschoolers and older kids #easterscience #nontoygifts

These experiments are really simple but will fascinate your kids nevertheless. I have already tried some with my preschoolers and they asked for more. I bought a box of peeps and was able to cover three out of the 25 experiments listed below.

The experiments are grouped by category: egg, carrot and candy (peeps and jelly beans). Enjoy!

Easter Science Experiments for Kids

25 Easy and fun Easter science experiments for kids: toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

If you plan to pair these experiments with Easter crafts, here are 48 bunny crafts as well as some religious Easter crafts.

Easter science experiments with eggs

Naked egg experiment via The Science Kiddo

Bouncy egg experiment via Parenting Chaos

Shrink an egg via Playdough to Plato

Sink or float egg experiment via Mom to 2 Lil Posh Divas

Egg drop challenge via Buggy and Buddy

Humpty Dumpty Science (a version of the egg drop challenge – it comes with free printable) via I Heart Crafty Things

Walking on raw eggs via Housing a Forest

Make an unbreakable egg via My Teen Entertainment Guide

Egg geodes via Little Bins for Little Hands

Volcano Easter egg experiment via Housing a Forest

How strong is an eggshell? experiment via Science Sparks

Spider egg experiment via JDaniel4’s Mom

Egg in the bottle via Left Brain Craft Brain

Make a crystal Easter egg via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Science experiments with Easter candy

The microwaved peep experiment via Lemon Lime Adventures

Peeps boats experiments via Fun Littles

Make peep play dough via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Dissolving peeps experiment via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Jelly beans experiment via Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

Jelly beans taste testing experiment via Childhood 101

Will magic jelly beans grow into a lollipop garden? via Jen Schmidt

Easter science experiments with carrots

Watch the carrots’ roots grow via Brainstorm in Bloom

Grow a carrot top via Red Kite Days

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