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61 Big Sister Gifts

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If you’re looking for big sister gifts, here is a great list to help you find the perfect gift for your little one who is about to become a big sister. 

You are about to welcome a new baby into your family and although you’re not new to motherhood, a new baby is still a big change. Once you’ll hold the baby into your arms  it will all come back to you: the wonderful memories of a newborn smell, the tiny feet and sleepy face.

And then, there also the sleepless nights, the explosive diapers and the no-reason endless cries.  But you’ve been down this road before and you’ve already developed surviving skills.

What you haven’t experienced before is introducing baby #2 to baby #1.

When bringing home your second baby focus on making the big sister feel special.

You can put together yourself a big sister survival kit that would include books, crayons, games or any other exciting items.

Or you can get some of these specially designed big sister gifts. They are unique and they will help your daughter show off her new status: “I’m a big sister!”

I grouped the gifts for big sister into categories to make your search easier.

You can use any of the ideas listed below if you’re looking for new big sister gifts or if your daughter is already a big sister and you are adding a third or fourth baby to your family.

Before you start scrolling down to find the perfect big sister gift ideas from new baby, you may also want to take a peek at this list of practical gifts for babies or these 20 practical gifts for toddlers (you’ll need it soon).

A big sister craft is also an awesome idea for you to use with your daughter. Spend quality time, making a fun and easy paper craft and talk about the change that is about to happen in her life and how she can help you with the baby.

Big sister gifts – jewelry

Big sister gifts from baby: jewelry: bracelets and necklaces

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  1. Big sis heart necklace
  2. Personalized big sister necklace
  3. Charm bracelet.
  4. Love sister bracelet

Big sister gifts – jewelry box

Big sister wooden jewelry keepsake box

Big sister gifts – tote bags

Big sister gifts from baby: tote bags
  1. Birds big sister tote bag
  2. Big sister gold heart hospital tote bag
  3. Personalized big sister tote bag
  4. Ballerina big sister tote bag

Big sister gifts – mugs

Big sister gifts from baby: mugs
  1. I’m the big sister mug
  2. World’s best big sister mug
  3. What’s your superpower? mug
  4. Best sister ever mug
  5. I’m the big sister! mug 

Big sister gifts – shirts

Big sister gifts from baby: shirts
  1. Big sister shirt
  2. Big sister and glitter heart shirt
  3. Personalized big sister shirt
  4. Birds personalized big sister shirt

Big sister art print

Big sister gift ideas: art print
  1. Big sister art print
  2. Princess big sister wall art 
  3. Fox big sister digital print
  4. Big sister quote art print

Big sister bedroom decor

  1. Big sister sign
  2. Wall decal
  3. Wall plaque
  4. Wall banner

Big sister balloons

Big sister gift ideas: balloons
  1. Big sister balloon
  2. Big sis balloon
  3. Personalized big sister balloon

Big sister keepsake books

  1. New baby and Me coloring book
  2. Big sister scrapbook
  3. Baby’s first year according to me book

Big sister  gifts – photo frames

  1. Big sister photo frame
  2. Super big sister of
  3. Only best little girls get promoted to big sister
  4. Personalized photo frame

Big sister placemats

Big sister gift ideas: placemats
  1. Super big sister placemat
  2. Personalized big sister placemat

Big sister spoons

Big sister gift ideas from baby : spoons
  1. Best sister ever spoon
  2. Big sister spoon

Big sister water bottles

Big sister gift ideas: water bottles
  1. Big sister water bottle
  2. Big sister princess water bottle

Big sister gifts – pillowcases

  1. Personalized big sister pillowcase
  2. Big sister sleeps here pillowcase
  3. Super big sister pillowcase
  4. Princess big sister pillowcase

Big sister puzzle

Big sister gift idea: puzzle

Big sister personalized puzzle

Big sister scrubs

Best big sister gifts from baby. So many great gifts to make big sisters feel special and prepare them for sisterhood. | at Non Toy Gifts

Green or pink scrubs with the big sister monogram

Big sister awards

  1. Big sister award ribbon
  2. Big sister medal
  3. Big sister award
  4. Big sister certificate

Big sister satin sash

Big sister satin sash

Big sister gifts – photo albums

  1. Big sister photo album
  2. Big sister camera and photo album set

Big sister games

Best big sister gifts from baby. So many great gifts to make big sisters feel special and prepare them for sisterhood. | at Non Toy Gifts

Big Sister Box

Big sister activities

Big sister countdown blocks

Big sister gift IDEAS – books

  1. Olivia
  2. Big sisters are the best
  3. I’m a big sister
  4. The super, incredible big sister

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