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Father’s Day Cards for Kids

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40+ DIY easy Father’s Day cards kids can make to celebrate dad

Father’s Day is a special day for kids to show their love for their dads, stepdads or grandpas. One way to do this is by creating beautiful handmade cards that are personalized and unique.

I put together a list of amazing Father’s Day cards for kids as young as toddlers and preschoolers. Whatever design you decide to go with, or handmade card is a great way for little ones to express their love for their dad on his special day.

Father's Day cards for kids to make for dad or grandpa

The process of making a handmade card is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and as a mom you will create wonderful memories with your little ones while also teaching them how to express their love for their dad.

If you are a daycare teacher, go through the entire list to pick your favorite card. Choose a card idea that kids can make on their own, with minimal help, so they can use your creativity to make a special DIY card. By helping children make Father’s Day cards, daycare teachers can create a fun and memorable experience for the children and help them strengthen their bond with their dads.

Father's Day card for kids

Father’s Day cards kids can make for dad

Handy dad heart card for preschoolers and kindergartners to make for Father's Day

Handy dad card – A fun heart card for a dad who likes to fix things around the house

Rocket card for dad – Use the free card printable to make this fun card

Father's Day handprint card for kids to make

Handprint dad card – You will melt dad’s heart with this handprint card

King of the grill card – This card comes with an easy craft printable

Heart tie card – a classic shirt and tie card. The printable comes with several tie options to print.

I'm hooked on you dad! Father's Day card kids can make

Hooked on dad card – If dad likes to fish, make sure to use this card printable and make him a special card

Handprint rocket card – Dad, I love you to the moon and back!

Father's Day card kids can make for dad

Handprint sunshine card – I love the message and the free card template.

Best dad trophy – Dad will appreciate a trophy for sure.

Dad, you’re the best pop! card – What a cute message and an easy card to make.

Shirt card – Fun and simple card that dad will love.

Dad, you’re the coolest! – This card will put a big smile on dad’s face.

Super dad shirt – Choose a fun pattern paper for this card.

Tool box card – Personalize this card with the kid’s footprint.

Pop-up trophy card – A fun card with a nice surprise inside.

Baseball card – If dad and kid bond over baseball, you need to give this card a try.

I love you to pieces – A beautiful card for both dad and mom.

Clown fish card – Dad, I love clowning around with you! – This is cute.

Handprint card – Every dad loves a handprint card.

Bear card – You know the message to write on this card: I love you bear-y much!

Handprint Father’s Day card – Another handprint card with a fish theme.

Daddy shark card – Perfect card for toddlers to make for dad.

Rocket card – You are out of this world!

All about dad – What dad will love more than a DIY card is one that is also a candy bar wrapper.

Papa bear handprint card – This handmade card is too cute.

Shirt card for dad – Use the marble shaving cream painting technique to make this one.

Dinosaur card – I love the details of this card: the big eyes and pom-poms.

Dad, you’re the coolest! – Great card for preschoolers to make.

Handprint Father’s Day card – Use the free template to make this card.

Tie dye Father’s Day card – How cute are those ties?

World’s best dad – Just color and voila – you have a fun card for dad.

Tie dyed tie card – How fun are the matching paper towel tie and pocket?

Owl card – Cute card with a cute message: Owl always love you!

Origami card – Impress dad with your origami skills.

Teddy bear card – Personalize the card with the kid’s photo.

Dino card – Daddy, you’re DINO-mite!

Monster hug card – What a unique card idea!

Turtle card – Dad, you’re TURTLEY the best!

Superhero card – Add dad’s photo to the card if you want.

Necktie card – A classic card that will always be loved by dad.

Tie card – Decorate this card with the kids’ fingerprints.

Super dad card – A fun pop-up card.

Yoda best dad – A card for dad who loves Star Wars.

Handprint volcano card – It’s all in the message: We LAVA you!

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