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20+ Father’s Day Handprint Gifts for Dad

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Surprise dad with a special gift that your little one can make alone or with some help. This collection of Father’s Day handprint gifts has many wonderful ideas to chose from and I’m sure you can easily find something that you will enjoy crafting with your child. From t-shirts to aprons, these gifts will melt dad’s heart.

Many of these handprint gifts, if not all, can be created for grandpa, too.

20 Father's Day handprint gifts

You can pair the gift with a card that comes with a cute message like: “Dad, I’m hooked on you!“, “I love you to the moon and back” or “Dad, you’re one in a melon“.

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Father’s Day handprint gifts

Handprint t-shirts for dad

Father's Day handprint gifts: t-shirts

Handprint aprons for dad

Father's Day handprint gifts: aprons

Handprint platters for dad

Father's Day handprint gifts: grill plates

Father’s Day handprint wall decor gifts

Father's Day handprint gifts: wall decor

Handprint mugs for dad

Father's Day handprint gifts: mugs

More Father’s Day handprint gifts

Father's Day handprint gifts for kids to make

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