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Frankenstein Paper Hat

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If you are searching for a fun Halloween craft for kids, then you need look no further than our fun Frankenstein paper hat. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent overseeing learning at home or in daycare, this craft is sure to be a hit with your young learners.

It’s is a delightful and exciting craft activity perfect for preschoolers to celebrate Halloween in the classroom. The easy-to-make and adorable hat will spark their creativity and keep them engaged while embracing the spooky spirit for the holiday.

Frankenstein paper hat for kids to color

Our Frankenstein headband is available in both colored and black-and-white versions. This allows kids to explore their creativity by coloring and customizing their own spooky Frankenstein hats.

Crafting the Frankenstein coloring crown is simple and requires minimal materials, making it suitable for the classroom, daycare, or home. With easy-to-follow instructions, kids can enjoy a hands-on experience while bringing their Frankenstein hat to life.

Easy Frankenstein paper hat for preschoolers and older kids

Encourage the kids to use their imagination and creativity to color the hat with Halloween-themed colors. Suggest using vibrant greens, spooky purples, and mysterious blacks to bring Frankenstein’s character to life!

Halloween paper hats

This Frankenstein headband is part of an amazing 12 Halloween paper hat collection.

The Frankenstein paper hat can be more than just a busy work craft: it can be a a delightful addition to your Halloween celebrations at home or at school. Crafting the hat can be done at the beginning of a Halloween party so kids can wear it during the party or it can even be part of a lesson plan where students learn more about the story of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein and bride paper hats

To enhance the Halloween experience, you may want to consider pairing this craft with a fun Halloween movie or a kid-friendly book. It’s a wonderful way to engage children in learning about classic Halloween monsters like the very famous Frankenstein.

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coloring Frankenstein paper hat for Halloween

Incorporate the Frankenstein paper hat into your Halloween activities and provide young learners with an engaging, creative, and educational experience. It’s a craft project that seamlessly combines fun, learning, and the spirit of Halloween.


Creating the Frankenstein paper hat offers preschoolers a unique opportunity to develop their fine motor skills by coloring within the lines and practicing scissor use.

Additionally, this craft activity allows for imaginative play as children embody the iconic monster character.

Moreover, engaging in a Halloween-themed craft like this encourages an understanding of holidays and traditions, fosters creativity, and promotes group participation within the classroom. Preschoolers will take pride in showcasing their own personalized Frankenstein hat and enjoy the holiday spirit as they eagerly participate in Halloween celebrations.

Frankenstein Paper Hat

Frankenstein paper hat with template

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How to Make the Frankenstein Headband

Frankenstein paper hat with printable template for kids

Print the headband on white paper.

Color the front piece and the side panels (if using the black and white version) and cut them out.

color the headband

Tape two side panels to the front piece.

tape the crowns together

Bend the headband into a circle. Wrap it around the kid’s head to check for fit. Tape the ends together.

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