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16 Ice Cream Crafts for Summer Time

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Who’s up for some ice cream? Ok, we’re not talking about real ice cream but ice cream crafts for kids.

Everybody loves ice cream right? Then let’s just create some from paper, paper plate, cupcake liner, pom pom or many other craft materials. It’s surprising to see how many creative ways there are to make ice cream crafts.

Ice cream crafts for kids

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We’re definitely adding these to our list of summer crafts for kids. Because summer and ice cream go hand in hand.

You can incorporate any of these crafts into an ice cream play pretend, pair it with a book like “Should I share my ice cream?” (we are big fans of the Gerald and Piggie series) or some ice cream fun facts.

Ice cream fun facts for kids

  • The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla, followed by chocolate and strawberry
  • There are over 1000 different flavors of ice cream. Here are some unique flavors: avocado ice cream, cilantro lime ice cream, goat cheese ice cream, pickled mango ice cream.
  • Italy is famous for its ice cream called Gelato.
  • New Zealand is the country that eats the most country, followed by the US and Australia.
  • California is the American state that eats the most ice cream.
  • More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week.
  • Next to cookies, ice cream is the best selling treat in the US.
  • July is the National Ice Cream Month.
Ice cream crafts for kids to make this summer

I’m a big fan of homemade ice cream because I want to know what goes in my ice cream, stay away from artificial colors and it’s so easy to make it if you have an ice cream maker.

My kids’ favorite flavor is chocolate and while I make it a lot, I like to alternate it with the classical strawberry and vanilla. I also try new flavors like lemon, banana or mango. 

Ice cream is definitely one of the things I look forward to when I think of summer. Some people live in a warm country or state and they can have ice cream year long, others don’t mind eating it during winter time.

I’m a summer ice cream girl and with a rather short summer here in Minnesota I try to make the most of it while I can. So you will always at least three flavor ice creams in our freezer.

Ice cream crafts

Colorful pom pom ice cream garland to decorate for summer.

Use cupcake liners to make an easy ice cream craft this summer.

Cut and paint paper plates and turn them into ice cream.

A beautiful ice cream garland that comes with a free printable.

Add a personal touch to your ice cream craft with your kid’s footprint.

Have you ever used puffy paint in your art and craft projects? If not, try it this summer. Your kids will love it.

A beautiful paper mosaic ice cream craft.

Recycle the egg cartons and turn them into ice cream cones.

Ice cream and bubble wrap! What can be more fun for a summer craft?

Doilies have the perfect shape to be turned into into an ice cream craft.

Ice cream craft for kids. Easy summer craft.

Use painted cotton pads to make the ice cream and paint the cone with a fork.

Little handprints can make beautiful ice cream.

Use a kitchen utensil to make this ice cream craft: a potato masher.

Recycle cardboard boxes and use them to make a giant ice cream craft this summer.

A paper bowl will give dimension to your ice cream craft.

This is such a fun and easy printmaking project to make an ice cream craft.

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