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Mother’s Day Handprint Purrfect Card

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Let’s make an adorable Mother’s Day handprint purrfect card for mom today. It’s simple, cools cute and has a great message. It will make mom’s day, for sure.

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We love handprint cards and handprint gifts that kids can make for their moms or grandmas for Mother’s Day. Also we like sweet messages that go with these cards. We have created a “Mom, you are my sunshine” handprint card and will share a new card idea next week.

We used gray cardstock paper for our purrfect card but you can go for any color, from a cat color (white, black, gray or orange) to your kid’s favorite color. This card will look great in any color.

Mother's Day handprint card

Mother’s Day handprint purrfect card

Handprint card for mom

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Gray Cardstock paper
Construction paper: pink and white
Googly eyes
Black marker

Mother's Day handprint purrfect card for mom from kids

How to make a Mother’s Day handprint purrfect card

Start by folding a blue cardstock sheet in half. Place your kid’s left hand next to the folded line and trace it with a pencil.
Cut out the handprint card.

Cat ears

Trace two cat ears on the same cardstock paper you used for the card. Cut them out.
Trace two ear details on pink construction paper and cut them out. Glue the pink ear details onto the gray ears. One ear detail goes in the middle of a gray ear. Glue the ears to the top of the card.

Cat nose

Trace a nose on pink paper and cut it out.

Cat eyes

Cut out two thin strips of white paper and glue them to the back of the nose. Add the nose in the middle of the handprint card.
Glue the googly eyes onto the card, above the nose with whiskers.

Cat mouth

Use a black marker to draw the mouth.
Write “Mom, you are purrfect!” inside the card. You can also add “Happy Mother’s Day” if you like.

Sharing is caring!