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Mother’s Day Nature Crafts

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Moms love receiving handmade gifts from their kids and these Mother’s Day nature crafts make beautiful gift ideas. They use different nature elements from rocks to twigs. Collect them during your nature walks and turn them into adorable gifts.

Mother's Day nature crafts for kids

My oldest will always jump to make me a card for Mother’s Day and I learned to show my husband what he can do with the kids to make my day special. Mother’s Day breakfast won’t work in our family because my husband likes to sleep in on weekends and until my kids are old enough to pull this on their own, no breakfast for this mamma.

As an alternative, I look for a simple cake recipe that my hubby and boys will bake together for me. It’s fun watching them do it and it makes me laugh because sometimes the kids know to do some steps better than their dad. My 7-year old likes to help in the kitchen and I bake with him on occasions.

Mother's Day nature crafts kids can make

If you are like me and have to point your husband in the right direction, you can show him this list for a fun nature gift. Try also this collection of Mother’s Day flower cards, this collection of Mother’s Day handprint cards or these Mother’s Day flower crafts.

Mother’s Day nature crafts

my mom rocks, twig heart, pine cone flowers
lavender soap, twig pot, dried flower sun catcher
dandelion vases, lavender wands, flower sun catcher windchimes
heart rocks, potted flowers, nature weaving
  • Grab some rocks and paint pens and draw hearts. Use the heart rocks as paper weight
  • I prefer potted flowers instead of cut flowers so I know I would love to receive this flower pot craft as a gift
  • Another potted flowers idea, using a different decorating technique
  • Use flowers or small plants to make a nature weaving gift for mom

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