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Ocean handprint animals

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Handprint crafts are so much fun and today we’re making ocean handprint animals: a shark and a crab.

We’ve been working on quite a few ocean crafts lately, form this seahorse craft to this Who lives in the ocean? spinner. Our ocean animals are more an art project than our regular crafts, though.

Ocean handprint animals

All you have to do is to print the shark or crab page and have you kid add their handprint. It will be both hands for the crab for its claws and one handprint for the shark’s fin.

It is a fun and simple summer handprint project to try at home or with preschoolers in the classroom.

Ocean handprint animals craft

The above picture with the crabs and sharks was sent to me by one of our followers. She tried the handprint project with her four kids. I love how they all turned out and the color variety used for the crab.

Ocean handprint animals

Ocean handprint animals: shark and crab


How to make ocean handprint animals

Start by printing out our animal templates. Choose either the shark or the crab or try both of them.

Ocean handprint animals: shark


Use a paint sponge to cover the kid’s right hand with gray paint and press it on top of the shark to make it look like the fin.

Ocean handprint animals: crab


Use a paint sponge to cover the kid’s hands with red paint. Do one hand at a time. Press each hand onto the printable to make the handprints look like the crab’s claws.

Sharing is caring!