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Paper Plate Bird Nest Craft

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This craft is perfect for springtime lesson plans, whether you’re a teacher in a classroom or a parent looking to incorporate educational crafts at home. The paper plate bird nest craft is a fun and easy way for kids to create their own bird nests, complete with adorable bird friends.

Paper plate bird nest craft for kids

To get started, all the kids will need is a paper plate, yarn, paper, and feathers.

Our template includes several bird options in both big and small sizes. This way, kids can choose the size and type of bird they want to include in their nests.

They can also get creative with coloring their birds any color they desire!

As with many of our crafts, the paper plate bird nest is a great way to work on fine motor skills.

Kids will enjoy cutting and weaving the yarn to create their nests, and gluing on feathers and paper to add some fun and flair to their creations.

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Paper plate bird nest craft with template

Here’s a fun bird fact for kids to enjoy while crafting: Did you know that some birds, like the bald eagle, use the same nest year after year? They continue to add new materials and make repairs to maintain the nest’s structural integrity.

Maybe your child’s paper plate bird nest will become a treasured creation they want to keep and improve upon year after year, just like a real bird’s nest!

This craft is ideal for younger or older children, although younger children may need a demonstration or two when it comes to putting together the nest.

Paper plate bird nest craft

Paper plate bird nest craft for preschoolers to practice fine motor skills

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Step by step instructions

Start by tracing a line in the middle of your paper plate and paint half  blue.

Paint the other half of the paper plate brown. Set the paper plate aside for the paint to dry completely.

In the meantime, print the birds on cardstock paper. Color and cut them out.

paint paper plate

After the paint has dried out, use a hole punch to make holes along the half paper plate that is brown.

Cut a strand of  brown yarn, thread it through a plastic yarn needle and tie one end to the needle. Tape the other end of the yarn at the back of the paper plate. You can now start threading the yarn through the holes in the paper plate.

start threading yarn

You can go through the holes once or twice. Keep on threading until you reach the end of your yarn. Secure the end of the yarn to the back of the paper plate with tape.

finish threading yarn

If you ran out of yarn before you could cover all the holes in your paper plate, cut another strand of yarn and repeat .

embellish with feathers

You can decorate the nest with feathers before you place the birds inside.

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