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Paper Roll Family Craft

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This paper roll family craft is such a fun recycled craft idea for kids to make for Family Day. Spend time with family members, appreciate them and craft with them.

paper roll family craft for kids to make for family day

Each day, mountains of waste bury our planet a bit more, but we have the power to change this.

Recycling, especially of paper, can be easily done by adults and kids. Each initiative counts.

This preserves the trees that keep our air clean and habitats thriving.

easy paper roll family craft for kids

Imagine turning paper rolls into eco-friendly crafts; it’s not just fun, it’s making a difference.

These activities not only reduce waste but also teach valuable lessons on sustainable living.

We can all play our part in this vital mission.

fun paper roll family craft for kids

The Importance of Recycling

Recycling helps save energy, resources, and reduce pollution. It also helps prevent climate change by reducing energy use and not requiring as many natural resources to be harvested.

In the US, recycling has become an eco-friendly mission; it’s all about teaching sustainable living from a young age.

Eco-friendly crafts from recycled materials like paper rolls serve dual purposes. They reduce waste and spark creativity.

Waste reduction isn’t just important; it’s essential for environmental preservation.

paper roll family craft for preschoolers

Did you know, Americans recycled 67 million tons of material in a year? Materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum go through recycling processes that help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Paper recycling turns old newspapers and books into new ones, keeping millions of trees in the ground.
  • Plastic recycling transforms bottles and containers into everything from park benches to new bottles.
  • Glass recycling processes melted down products to form new jars and bottles, infinitely, without loss of quality.
  • Aluminum recycling saves 95% of the energy required to make new aluminum from raw materials.
step by step for paper roll family craft for kids

Recycled Crafts for Kids

Waste reduction is not just about tossing things into a bin.

Eco-friendly crafts engage kids’ imagination, transforming old into new. Taking paper rolls and crafting them into art teaches children the value of reusing.

paper roll family craft for kids: mom, dad, sister and brother

Recycled craft ideas:

Paper Roll Family Craft

paper roll family craft for kids

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How To Make The Paper Roll Family Craft


Start by adding the hair to the paper roll. The hair is made from construction paper to match the hair color of the member of the family.

curl the hair

For the long hair of female members of the family, you can cut slits and use a pencil to curl the hair.

add outfit

Use pattern paper to give each family member an outfit.

add details

Add details, like a moustache and belt for dad, pom poms in mom’s hair.

add googly eyes

Glue googly eyes and use a black marker to draw noses and mouths.

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