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Paper turtle craft

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If you like to look for turtles with your kids when you go on hikes or by the ocean, why not also make a fun paper turtle craft with them, right? It is such a fun summer craft idea! We tried to give our turtle a fun and unique look.

Paper turtle craft

Have you noticed its shell pattern? Or all the details on its head and flippers? We chose brown and orange cardstock paper for the shell instead of the typical two shades of brown.

You can also go crazy colorful and out of the green and brown pattern – why not make a rainbow turtle, for instance? You can print the template on white paper and have the kids color it any color instead of printing it directly on colored paper.

Paper turtle craft for kids

We started an ocean animal craft series with our seahorse craft and plan on adding more this summer.

Paper turtle craft

Paper turtle craft for preschoolers


I like using 65lb cardstock paper for our paper crafts instead of construction paper. It’s easy to print, cut and it’s sturdy so the paper borders won’t curl up, which is particularly nice when you have the crafts on display for longer times.

It is only the eye that I printed on regular paper instead of cardstock paper.

Paper turtle craft for kids preschool

How to make a paper turtle craft

Print the turtle craft template on colored paper. The colors are mentioned on each page.

Start by gluing the orange shell pattern in the middle of the brown circle shell.


Glue the head at the top of the shell.


Add on the four flippers, the bigger ones at the top of the shell and the shorter ones at the bottom.


Glue the tail between the back flippers.


Glue the eye onto the head.


Sharing is caring!