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Superhero Grass Pots

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My son asks for his Batman shirt every single morning and I’m sure if he had a Batman costume he’d want to wear it all day long. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have one because I won’t allow my kids to go out the door dressed up in costumes unless it’s Halloween. This doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge their passion for superheroes. I just choose other ways to do it and making superhero grass pots is one of them.

Superhero grass pots - fun craft for kids

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Because the boys enjoyed Mr and Mrs Hairy – the grass pot heads we did at the beginning of spring, I thought of a repeat. A sort of a bye-bye summer project. This time around I decided for two characters that are part of our everyday life: Batman and Spider Man.

How to Make Your Own Superhero Grass Pots

Materials: clay pots, acrylic paint, black Sharpie and grass seeds.

Step 1: Outline the superhero logo (Batman) or face (Spider Man). To make it really easy, I printed out the logo and face, cut them out and placed them on the pots to outline. For the Batman pot I also outlined apartment buildings at the bottom of the pot and all around it.

Superhero grass pots - fun craft for kids

Step 2: Paint the background blue. I also went about an inch down on the inside of the pots.

Superhero grass pots - fun craft for kids

Step 3: Paint the rest of the pots. Use a black sharpie for details like the apartment windows and bat for the Batman grass pot and eye outline and spider web for the Spider Man grass pot.

Spider Man grass pots - fun craft for kids

Step 4: Fill the pots up with soil and plant your seeds. You don’t have to necessarily use grass seeds. Wheat or rye will also work.  Cat grass seeds come in smaller bags and are easy to grow indoors year round.

Batman grass pot - fun craft for kids

Step 5: Water and wait for the grass to grow. Be careful to not overwater. I made this mistake with the Spider Man pot and I couldn’t understand why the grass wouldn’t grow as tall and thick as in the other pot. Then I decided to start over and when replacing the dirt, I saw many of the seeds had gotten rotten and the dirt was smelling awfully bad.

We never got to see Spider Man with long green hair because one day, when moving the pots outside on the deck (I would take them inside in case of rain), I dropped it on the kitchen floor and broke it. This was his best look:

Superhero grass pots - fun craft for kids

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