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10 Thanksgiving Hats for Kids

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Thanksgiving hats for kids craft ideas with printable templates and creative looks.

Let’s get into the Thanksgiving spirit and celebrate with a great activity for kids. We have many turkey crafts and 40+ paper plate Thanksgiving craft ideas to chose from but today we’re focusing on creating a fun hat. So I’ve put together a list of the best Thanksgiving hats for kids.

There are lots of turkey hats or headbands with big eyes and colorful feathers made out of handprints, real feathers or just construction paper cut by little hands.

You can also go for a cute Pilgrim hat or bonnet (if you have a little girl) or even a spectacular Mayflower ship hat.

Thanksgiving hats for kids: turkey, Mayflower ship and pilgrim hats. Great for preschoolers, kindergartners and older kids. #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingHatsforkids #thanksgivingcraftsforkids #Thanksgivingturkeyhat #turkeyhats

If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, you can plan on making one of these hats with the little ones. It will be fun to see the kids wear these festive hats throughout the night.

You can do the prep work the day before and have everything ready before the guests start arriving.

Because we like simple ideas (check out our collection of  easy crafts for kids), I included in this list only hats that kiddos can do with little to no help.

Of course, the age of the kids has a saying in the matter.

While kindergartners may pull off on their own any of the Thanksgiving hats,  preschoolers may need a bit of a help here and there.

Toddlers can help with handprints and coloring.

Thanksgiving hats for kids

Any of the hats listed below is also great classroom Thanksgiving craft to go along with the Thanksgiving school party.

And if you want to go beyond and teach kids about the meaning and story of the Thanksgiving, you can do it with The First Thanksgiving spinner.

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10 Thanksgiving Hats for Kids

Let’s take a look at all of the hats, choose your favorite and get your craft materials ready. It’s time to make a fun Thanksgiving hat!

Thanksgiving hats for kids to make: turkey hats and Mayflower ship hat

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1. Mayflower hat – tall and spectacular

2. Paper plate turkey hat – Use these dot markers to color the paper plate.

3. Paper turkey hat – sweet and funny

turkey hat and pilgrim hat for kids

4. Pilgrim hat – easy and fun

5. Turkey cone party hats – the more colorful feathers the better

6. Turkey headband – use scissors or Silhouette machine for the feathers

Thanksgiving hats : turkey hats and pilgrim bonnet

7. Paper bag turkey hat – Turn the boring a brown paper bag into an adorable turkey hat!

8. Handprint turkey hat – Use your child’s handprint to make this fun hat. Googly eyes with eyelashes would look really cool on this hat.

9. Pilgrim bonnet – All you need to make the bonnet is paper and tape.

10. Big turkey hat – A big hat for little hands to make. Use glow in the dark googly eyes for a more fun hat.

Make sure to also check out this I Am Thankful For headband.

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