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40+ Paper Plate Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Looking for a fun and easy craft to make with your kids this November? Here is a big list of paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids that your little ones will enjoy creating.

You will find a lot of turkeys, of course, but also pilgrim and Native American crafts as well as Mayflower ship ideas.

Besides paper plates, you will get a chance to craft with yarn, coffee filters, tissue paper, feathers, seeds, ribbons and more.

Make handprint and footprint turkey keepsakes, recycle a few paper rolls or turn a paper plate into an adorable hat.

Explore different painting techniques, from fork to sponge painting, craft with shapes or play a color matching game with your turkey.

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids: turkey, Pilgrim, American Indian and Mayflower ship craft ideas. Make hats, handprint keepsakes, decorations and more #Thanksgiving #paperplate

42 Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Start by scrolling all the way down and take a look at all these wonderful ideas. Pick your favorite or let your child pick theirs and let’s get crafting. Whatever you decide to make, I’m sure it will turn out great and you will have a fun time working side by side with your little one.

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts : Turkey

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 1

Footprint turkey wreath -What a lovely Thanksgiving keepsake!

Colorful tail feather turkey – Turn your kid’s artwork into the turkey’s tail

Hiding turkey – This turkey can’t stay still

Fork painted turkey – Have you ever used a fork to paint?

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 2

Turkey wreath – I love the 3D effect of the tail

Sponge painted turkey – Here is another interesting painting technique kids will love

Paper plate turkey – You can use this one as decoration

Colorful turkey – What about those cute big eyes?

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 3

Yarn and paper plate turkey – What a lovely way to incorporate yarn into kids crafts

Coffee filter turkey – These turkeys turned out so adorable

Color matching turkey – A craft and activity in one

Handprint turkey – Make a family handprint turkey

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 4

Paper cup turkey – Use a paper plate, a paper cup and yarn to make this turkey

Feather turkey – Why not use real feathers for the turkey’s tail?

Paper plate yarn weaving turkey – Another fun yarn turkey

Paper plate turkey – An easy craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 5

Hanging turkeys – They would look perfect in a classroom as well as at home

Seed turkey – What other seeds would you add to the plate?

Half plate turkey – Make two turkeys with just one paper plate.

Turkey clock – Telling time with a turkey clock. Now this is something fun to do on Thanksgiving.

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 6

Turkey photo frame – A fun craft as well as a keepsake

Paper plate turkey wreath – What a fun way to make the turkey’s tail

Paint chip turkey – Those paint chips come in really handy to make this colorful turkey

Paper roll turkey craft – Paint, glue and enjoy

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 7

Paper strip turkey – You can cut the paper strips or let your little one practice their scissors cutting skills

Shape turkey – This happy little fellow is all about shapes

Ribbon turkey – If you don’t have ribbons at hand, you can replace them with colored paper strips.

Easy paper plate turkey – Great turkey for toddlers and preschoolers to make

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 8

Tissue paper turkey – Glue pieces of tissue paper on a paper plate to create this colorful turkey

Tissue paper and paper roll turkey – Another way of including tissue paper in the making of your turkey

Turkey hat – I need to make these hats for the kids at our Thanksgiving dinner

Turkey hat – I can’t actually decide between these two hats. They are both so cute!

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts: Mayflower Ship

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 9

Movable Mayflower – The ship needs to get from one side of the ocean to the other side and you can help it

Paper plate Mayflower ship – The easiest way to make the ship

Inside Mayflower ship – learn how Mayflower looked inside

Moving Mayflower – Help the ship move across the ocean

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts: Native American Crafts

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 10

Paper plate Native American – Craft with paper plate, yarn and construction paper

Native American rattles – Kids will love to use them to make music

Native American dreamcatchers – Don’t they all look amazing?

Paper plate teepee – Explore how the Native Indians were living

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts: Pilgrim Crafts

Paper plate Thanksgiving crafts 11

Pilgrim hat crayon holder – Great for a Thanksgiving party

Paper plate Pilgrims – You will find so many versions of the paper plate Pilgrims on Pinterest

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