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The Easter Story 3D Egg Craft

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If you’re hoping for a simple, no-prep craft for your child this Easter season–look no further than the Easter story 3D egg! This is perfect for teaching about the resurrection of Christ and why this holiday is celebrated.

The Easter story 3D egg craft

First, start off by having your child color the donkey. Tell them that everyone was so excited to see Jesus. He came into the city and rode on a donkey.

The Easter story 3D egg craft for kids

Next, pick the bread and wine image to color. Jesus had a meal with his disciples and told them that he was going to die. He held up bread and wine and said this represented his sacrifice for them. If your child is old enough, consider explaining that this is why communion is taken in church services.

Easter craft for Sunday School: The Easter story 3D egg craft

The cross picture comes next. Describe Jesus’ love for your child, that he was willing to die so that they could have a relationship with God! Crosses are typically displayed in churches to help believers remember this sacrifice.

The tomb image is a perfect time to discuss that Jesus was dead for three days. On the third day, he came back to life! This meant that Jesus beat death!


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Religious Easter crafts

Last, have your child color the image of Jesus in front of the open tomb. Jesus revealed himself to his disciples and told them that someday he would come back to earth. But right now, Jesus is in heaven with the Father. During Easter, Christians remember that through Jesus we can have eternal life and someday live with him!


Once all the pictures are colored, cut them out. If your child is old enough, allow them to do this themselves to practice fine motor skills. Next, fold the pages, attach the string, and glue them together. The Easter story 3D egg is a wonderful craft to display as the holiday approaches to remind your child about the true meaning of Easter!

Easter Sunday School craft

The Easter Story 3D Egg

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The template comes with two size eggs, the bigger size is for younger kids and the smaller size is for older kids. Choose the size that works better for your kids.

Step by step instructions

Start by printing the eggs on white paper, color and cut them out.

fold eggs

Fold all five eggs in half.

glue first eggs together

Glue the first two eggs back-to-back making sure to align them.

add string

Cut a strand of yarn, fold it in half and tape it to the back of the first two eggs that are glued together.

glue the rest of the eggs

Continue gluing the rest of the eggs back-to-back in the correct order.

glue last egg

Finish with the last egg.

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