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6 Twins’ First Christmas Gifts

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If this is the first year you will be celebrating Christmas with your twins and you’re searching for the perfect present for your little ones, you are in the right place. I put together a list of twins’ first Christmas gifts  that includes 6 ideas to make the holidays special and memorable. Some of the ideas on this gift guide are specially targeted for Christmas like the personalized ornaments while others can also be used for the twins’s first birthday.

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1.Twins’ First Christmas Ornament

Celebrate your twins’ first Christmas with a special ornament. All of these adorable ornaments can be personalized with your little ones’ names and some also with their date of birth.

twins' first Christmas ornament

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2. Personalized Photo Frame

Be prepared to have your camera with you all the time during your twins’ first Christmas. There are so many wonderful moments that you want to capture and preserve forever. Those photos need a special place and what can be more special than a personalized frame especially created for twins?

Personalized photo frames for twins' first Christmas

3. Twin Onesies

A sweet outfit for the first Christmas is a must! The twins will look absolutely adorable in any of these bodysuits.

Bodysuits for twins' first Christmas

4. Twin Hats

For a complete Christmas outfit, you will definitely need a couple of cute hats, like the ones below. They all look so charming that I would have a hard time choosing and would probably end up getting all three sets.

Hats for twins' first Christmas

5. Books about Twins

Books make always great gifts and these books are especially written about and for twins. There aren’t too many books for twins out there, which makes the titles below even more special.

Books for twins

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6. Personalized Twin Books

Books that are written not just about any twins, but about your own twins! Oh, my! Kids love to hear their names as characters in books so these personalized books will be received with lots of giggles.

Personalized Books for twins
Twins' First Christmas Gifts. A great gift guide to use for first Christmas, first birthday or baby shower. | at Non-Toy Gifts

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